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NP Ratio: 2.33
2330 pts :: 1000 NP


After an incident involving some of the Dice-A-Roo prizes, King Roo has decided to hire a new treasurer. Before getting the job, the applicants must first prove their superior skills with numbers by playing Roodoku. Do you have what it takes to prove yourself to King Roo that you are worthy of the treasurer position?

Gameplay & Instructions

The objective of Roodoku is to complete the board. The board is made up by nine three by three grids {see below}. In each of the nine squares there may be a few missing tiles. You must choose the correct number for each square, you will find out how to do this below.

This will be what you are faced with. The main screen of the game, this is made up into two sections, the table, and the scoreboard.

This is the table which will look the same. Each difficulty will remove more numbers, which makes the game harder. There are three rules for the table:
1. Each square must contain the numbers one to nine.
2. The row and column must retain one to nine.
3. No two numbers may be used in the square, column or row.


In the table, there are four different tiles that you will encounter. These are as follow:

In the left, you will see the number panel. This will only appear when you are over a free space.

The number panel is a three by three grid, Towards the right, will show you which area is which number.
This is the original tile which is already placed on the board, you cannot move or change these.
These are the empty tiles. You must place the correct number in these spots to win the game.
This type of tile will only appear when hovering over the number panel. These will show you all the numbers in the game. Example: If you are hovering over a six, all the six tiles will show green, this is extremely helpful in completing the game.

So that is the table, to be good at this game, you must master the use of all tiles. The next part to look at is the scoreboard.

There are only two pieces of information on this board. The blocks left and time bonus.
The blocks left is referring to how many empty tiles you have left to fill.
The faster you complete the game, the higher the bonus points you will receive.


This game is a hard game, and does not give out too much neopoints. The best way to earn the neopoints is to get the bonus points, and to do this, learn to use the green tiles wisely.

Written by Paul
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