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Everyone likes berries, especially when you get to pick your own. Thats exactly what you get to do at the Meri Acres Farm. All you need to do is pay the farmer Gelert 400 NP to get your "punnet" and the chance to search the farm and get up to 6 berries. Most are cheap and common, hardly worth the 400 NP, but every once in a while, you could get a super rare berry which you can sell for thousands of neopoints and make a huge profit! All you need to do is click on the map to try and find berries and the red arrows to move around the farm. Unfortunately you can only visit 20 areas on the farm before your times up and you have to wait another day to pick again.

The Map

TNT wasn't very creative when they made this map, the different sections don't even match and there are only 6 different images to fill 9 different spots that you can explore. This means that there will surely be duplicates in your map, but which ones are duplicates and where they all areas completely random.

It's also interesting to note that you don't even have to "click" on an actual berry to collect one. You could click on the sky and you could still get a berry. To discard an unwanted berry, simply click on it once it is in your basket. Neopets (again) wasn't very creative in this... oh well! Below are pictures of the 6 different areas:

The Berries

There are currently 35 different berries that you can get from Pick your Own. Below is a list of all the berries you can get from Pick your own. Greyed out berries are currently not released and unobtainable.

Booby Prizes

These can all be sold for around 1 neopoint and are completely useless. You can feed the Half Eaten Berrys to your pets, but don't ever feed a rotten berry to you pet. It will get sick and you'll need to spend a ton of Neopoints in order to cure it. Best to just leave the rotten ones there.


These are only available from Pick your Own on St. Partrick's Day (March 17th).


Well, that's all that you can win for now, maybe TNT will add more berries in the future. Good luck getting the avatar, its not that hard (in fact, I got it while writing this guide!) Maybe you'll be lucky and get a super rare berry that you can sell for a million neopoints... or maybe not. Ah well at least you tried. Happy picking!

Written by Ryan
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