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Petpet Rescue is a rather hard game, but once you get the hang of it, you may start to get a grasp on what you are doing and win some big Neopoints. If you have never played it before, then it is a good idea to practice a few times before you submit a score.

You're playing as Samuel (coincidently the same name as the uber-writer who wrote this guide), a Red Scorchio. You must rescue the Petpets from the evil hands of Gargall the Grarrl!

Instructions & Controls

You are using those oh-so-simple Arrow keys to move Samuel around.

Within the game, you must use the arrows to try and get onto a boat and rescue the Petpets. You have to go and fetch a Petpet and bring it back. It's not as easy as it sounds, though! The boats are going at different speeds, so you are a little stuck with where you can go. If you stay on a boat too long, you are sure to lose a life, so it's rather tricky.

First, let's have a quick run-through of the screen.


  • Rocks - these roll around at the top and if you hit one, you'll lose a life.
  • Gems - you'll want to get these! These give extra points. If there are less than four at the top in the first level, and you're aiming for the avatar, don't even bother playing.
  • Stalacite - These are at the top and wobble before falling. If these hit you, again, you lose a life :(
  • Boats - you travel on these. Move 'up' and 'down' to go onto these. If you are on one when you get to the end of the screen, you lose a life.
  • Lava - Don't fall into this! You lose a life, again.
The mine train cars move at different speeds as well.
  • The boats go in different speeds. The top row goes slowest, from left to right, with a Petpet on every other Boat.
  • The 2nd row goes slow, from right to left, with a Petpet on every other boat, again.
  • The 3rd row goes fastish, from left to right, with - once more - a pet on every other boat.
  • Finally, the last row goes fastest, right-to-left, with pets dotted randomly.

You start with 3 lives on the clock, and you are in your 4th when you start. You start with 100 seconds.

You'll want to try and get those purdy Red gems. They're worth 25 Points, and have only been spotetd a few times, as they are incredibly rare. On the other hand, the Green are worth 15, Blue gems are worth 10, and the Pink gems get you an extra 5 points.

Tips & Strategy

There are 10 petpets to find, which gets you 10 Points each. You must just go onto them and make your way back to the Door where you started, to 'rescue' them.

  • Level One: You have to rescue 4 petpets here. You have plenty of time here to do it, so remember to relax and not get stressed out about it.
  • Level Two: 6 petpets to be resuced here. This again is plentiful time, so don't get all stressed out.
  • Level Three: If you have got this far, well done. Now, have a shot at rescuing 8 petpets!
  • Level Four: Here you must collect and safely return a total of 10 petpets! You will probably lose your cool here. It is going to get really tough, so just try and stick it out. You will have done very well to get this far!

Extra Stuff

With the mining carts, the distance between each cart will change as you progress through the game. You need to keep your cool when doing this, and don't make silly mistakes. Always remember where you've gone wrong to try and learn from those very mistakes.

With the petpets, the best method of getting them on Level One is to rescure three pets close to you first and then for the last one, go to the top and get the Petpet at the top whilst getting those gems. In later levels, go for the pets at the top of your screen. This is because if you lose a life you have only a shorter distance to travel to get the next, get it? Bingo :)

If you're trying for that avvie, try and save up as many lives as possible, so you have enough when you are trying to get the petpets in the later levels. Don't make rash and hasty decisions, as these = bad.


Remember to try and think about your decisions. Watch your position, and don't move unless you really need to. Make sure that you can see the Petpets you need to get - and keep a watch out for those pretty gems! These are a great help.

The game will be hard when you begin. Don't let this get to you though, as it's a real NP-earner, and of course, has an Avatar attached to it!

Oh, and, you can read more about the history of this game at the Official Neopedia Entry .

Written by Samuel
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