Neverending Boss Battle

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You are a single-man fighter, trying to hold of Sloth's giant battleship as long as you can. Of course you're not going to win, just hold him off until Neopia can get ready! Good luck!

You need to hit Sloth's ship with your bullets as many times as possible! Each shot that hits him is worth 5 points, and powerups are also worth 5 points. Don't worry, after this guide, you'll be racking up BIG points.

Instructions & Controls

Use the arrow keys to move your fighter in all directions, z and c to strafe right and left (I rarely use them), and space bar is shoot.

Tips & Strategy

Here are some powerups that you will receive in the game. When you shoot Sloth's ship, a few powerups will randomly come out. To obtain a powerup, just run over it. Besides just getting the powerup, you also get 5 points! Note: You can only have 1 active powerup at a time. Receiving a powerup while you already have one will result in losing your current powerup. So, beware of wandering powerups!

  • Shield - A protective covering will encircle your ship, protecting you from ALL of Sloth's shots for a limited time. During this time, I suggest you take as many shots as you can upon Sloth's ship.
  • Faster Bullet Rate (Lightning) - For a short time, your bullets will come out faster.
  • Rebounding Bullet (Dart) - If you fire your shots against a wall, it will bounce of and possibly hit Sloth's ship. Good powerup if you are moving away from his firing.
  • Speed Boost (Blue Object with Red Center) - It obviously makes you go faster.
  • Warp (Weird Green Object) - Whenever you get shot by one of Sloth's bullets, you will be randomly teleported to another place on the field. Not very helpful, since you could end up anywhere.
  • Split Fire (Gold and Red Object) - Your guns will be temporarily upgraded to a split fire mode. Two shots will fire diagonally from the front.

Here are some ways that I get a large score...

Ok, the powerup you REALLY want is the shield. Try to stay away from the other ones, unless there isn't a shield powerup yet. You cannot be harmed when you are in a shield, so take as many direct shots as you can. Easy as that. Well, what if you don't have a shield you say? I will tell you to move around from corner to corner. Corners are possibly the safest places. The blue shots from his ship usually trail off, you can tell when the big laser is coming, and the rockets are shot from so far away, you have a chance to run away to another corner. After that, just repeat the process. :) You'll have big points in no time!

If you get very close to the ship, the big laser cannon in the middle of it goes off and moves around randomly. Watch out! ~ x2495iiii


During the game, or during the startup of the game, you can type foreverandeverandever to receive an extra life.


Good luck saving Neopia and killing Dr. Sloth!

Written by Ian
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