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I'm going to keep this short and simple, as if you are playing NeoQuest II on Insane, then you will have played it on Normal and Evil modes already. The first section (before Mipsy) is one of the hardest parts in the game because you only have Rohane and if he dies you have to restart. Therefore, I'm going to go into a bit more detail. At any time you like, feel free to rush ahead in this guide. This guide is not designed to be bulletproof. If you want to be "un-failable," you will need to be at least 2 levels higher than this guide recommends. I have simply put the levels that are mostly safe and, most of all, possible.

Now, let's get started!

Chapter 1 - Meridell

Stay around Trestin and level up until level 4. Then hunt your way towards the Abandoned Mines. Once you are level 6, you should have around 20 healing vials. Enter the Caves and hunt your way towards the Foreman. You should be level 7 before you get to the grey floor bit. Make sure you have full HP before starting the fight with the Foreman; you shouldn't need more than a couple of potions but have 5 on hand if things turn bad.

After you beat the Foreman, teleport out then back in and hunt around near the entrance. Once you are level 7, head out east, switching to hunting when you're over the bridge bit and hunt your way to White River Town. I recommend buying the Iron Shortsword as it makes things much faster for the next section, but do not sell the Father's Sword, as it is the best weapon for fighting Terask at the end of the game. Next, hunt around in the forest north of White River until you get to level 10 (painful as it is).

You should have close to 20 healing vials and a bit over 10 healing flasks by now. Enter the Underground Cave and hunt around near the entrance, running outside and walking in circles to get HP back after each fight. If you are running out of potions you can head back to White River and hunt around there to restock. By level 11, if you have a good stock of potions, head to the other end of the Cave and hunt by the exit. Make your way up the tower but do not fight Zombom before you are level 12. If you do, you have very little chance of winning as you will spend more time healing and then run out of potions while trying to flee. Also make sure you have at least 5 healing flasks (not vials) for the fight.

Whoohoo! You now have Mipsy, things get much easier for a while now. I recommend spending all 11 points of Mipsy's on direct damage, then using all the points you get for the next while on casting haste. Use Rohane's skill points on haste and damage increase and put a couple on critical. Make your way slowly towards the Lakeside Town, then to the Lost City. If you aren't level 14 by the time you get to the Sand Grundo, level up until you are or you will have a lot of trouble in the next part. The Sand Grundo is easy to beat, then head down the tower and towards the Seaside Village. Level up round there until your level 16 then head towards the Castle. Ramtor should be fairly easy with Mipsy doing 70 damage. After that, slowly make your way to Ramtor's Tower to finish him off. I highly recommend waiting until you are level 20 before beating him. Although it is easy to beat him on level 18, it's not worth it, as it will make the start of the next chapter very slow.

Chapter 2 - Terror Mountain

Nice and easy does it! Go beat Leximp then hunt around Chia Oscuro until level 22. Then, head through the cave and pick up Talinia. Level up until level 24 then beat Kolvars and head on past Happy Valley to the Adventurer's Encampment. Level up there until you are level 28 (mainly because of the free healing and it's the last resting place before the end of the chapter). You should be at least level 29 by the time you reach Scuzzy—and thats it—it's the easiest chapter in the game.

Chapter 3 - Lost Desert

Level up around Sakhmet until level 33 then head into the Temple of the Sky. Try to be level 34 before you confront Silicast. From there, there's not much leveling needed—I recommend you are level 35 for Gebarn II, 36 for Revenant, 38 for Coltzan and 40 for Anubits.

Chapter 4 - The Haunted Woods

Hunt your way to Meuka, then hunt your way through the cave of dark things to the Spider Grundo. You should be level 45 by the time you get there.

Next, it's time to level up for the four faeries. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE 4 FAERIES BEFORE LEVEL 48, I have lost here in the game and it's a long way to restart just because you couldn't be bothered leveling. Just be aware that it is almost impossible to flee from this fight so watch Velm's health and don't be afraid to use potions.

After the 4 faeries, you don't need to level at all this chapter. It never hurts of course, but it's not necessary for Hubrid (who is worth beating for the items he drops) or the Esophagor.

Chapter 5 - Faerieland

Hunt your way down to the Fallen Angel; you should be at least level 51 by the time you get there. Next, run all the way to Cumulonimbus and then start hunting again. You should be at least level 53 by the time you get to the Devilpuss.

Now, run on through to Faerie City before hunting again—hunt your way as you beat the Faerie Thief. You will want to be level 56 at least by the time you beat her the third time. Head on up and beat the Pant Devil and then level up to level 60 before Terask.

After that, it's just a matter of making sure your equipment is all on, your skill points are all used and you have plenty of potions for Terask II... and thats all I can do to help.

Good luck!

Written by draconianlore
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