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What is it?

Well, Neopoker is a lot like real world poker, except you don't have to do anything. Neopets has dumbed down the whole process so that all you need to do is click "Reveal Hand" or "Play Again" to have everything done for you.

Well, how does it really work?

If you know the rules of real poker, then there is no real need for you to read this guide, everything should make sense.

For beginners however, we shall start at the beginning. When you first arrive at this page, read over the short rules section, which will basically summarize this guide, and click "Deal Em". You will then be taken to a page with your pet's image and its handat the top and your hand at the bottom. At this time, only the first card of your pet's hand is visible, the rest are turned over, so we'll focus on your hand for the moment. You'll see 5 cards of random suits and values and right underneath them, a sentence telling you what you have (we'll cover that later). Click "Reveal Hand" to have your pet's cards flip over and a nice little alert pop up to tell you who has won (we will cover winnings later as well). Finally, just click "Play Again" to start the process over again.


The best way to learn the basics of Poker is to ask someone to sit down and teach it to you, a parent, sibling, friend, or hobo off the street (offer him 5 bucks) will all do. Just ask them to teach you the basics of the hands, if you're really interested, you can get into bluffs and betting and whatnot, but that is not really relevant for this game and won't give you any advantages. For those of you who don't have anyone to teach you, I'll do my best to educate you on the basics of poker.

Luckily, the only thing you really need to know are the hands of poker. You must make a hand, out of five cards, that will beat your opponent's (in this case your Neopet's) hand. Check out the table below for a rundown of hand hierarchy.

Example Description
"A very bad hand"
You've got nothing, or as TNT puts it, "A very bad hand". Basically, unless your pet has a very bad hand aswell, you lose.
Two of the same number, in this case, two 10s. The lowest possible hand to get.
Two Pair
Two pairs of cards, in this case, a pair of 9s and a pair of 2s.
Three of a Kind
Three cards with the same face value, in this case, three 3s.
Five cards in sequence by number (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2) with one or more of the cards having a different suit (i.e. they aren't all one suit).
Five cards that are all the same suit, but are not in sequence by number. In this case, all five are hearts.
Full House
A Full House is basically Two Pair and Three of a Kind mixed together. You have three of one number and two of the other. In this case, there are three Kings and two 7s.
Four of a Kind
Take three of a kind and add one more! This means you have all the cards of that number in the deck, not an easy feat! In this case, we have four 5s.
Straight Flush
A combination of a straight and a flush, this hand has 5 cards in sequence by numbers, but in the same suit. In this case we have 4-8 of clubs.
Royal Flush
The highest possible hand in poker, basically a straight flush, but with 9, 10, J, Q, K, all in the same suit.


Well, after you know about the hands of poker... you're pretty much done! It really is that easy! Now, head over to the Neopoker page and click those buttons and hope you'll win the big prize.

Written by Ryan
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