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Gormball is an extreme sport played by the finest athletes in Neopia. Forming a circle, the players have to pass around a Gormball until it explodes. The last standing character wins the round!

Controls and Instructions

All you need to play Gormball is a browser and your mouse. You can back up any of the 8 Gormball players. Because this game is based on luck, you can back up the character of your choice as it doesn't affect your chances to win or lose.

The Gormball Characters




Farvin III





You can hold the ball for 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds. Usually, the Gormball will explode within 7 to 9 seconds.

For each second that you decide to hold the Gormball, you will be awarded 2 Gormball Points. You might also collect bonus points while waiting to catch the ball.

Your Gormball Points Bonus Points
9 points and under 1 or 2 bonus points
Between 10 and 15 points 1 to 25 bonus points
Between 16 and 34 points Bonus points will be substract from your total
35 points and over Bonuses will depend of your score

If you lose the game, you will collect as many Neopoints as Gormball points that you scored. If you win the game, your Gormball points will be multiply by 4 and you will also win an item.

Tips and Strategies

  • Keep track of how many seconds the Gormball has been held by the characters.
  • Refresh the page to make a one second move.
  • Plan your moves according to your Gormball points. You don't want to stay with 16 to 34 points for too long and get one of the nasty steel bonus.
  • Hold the ball for 5 seconds if you are the first character to make a move after the Gormball has exploded.


Gormball is surely one of easiest game of Neopets. It doesn't require any particular skills except the patience to click on a button. If you are a fanatic of Gormball, you will be delighted to know that the 23rd of Gathering is dedicated to the Annual Gormball Tournament .

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