Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

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In Mutant Graveyard of Doom II, you guide Albert, the Mutant Kacheek, through a maze. Your job is to collect items asked by your master before the light from your lantern dies.

Controls and Instructions

You control Albert throughout the maze with your arrow keys. To push down moveable gravestone, press the spacebar. If an enemy happens to be on the other side of the gravestone when it's pushed, it is killed and you gain 50 points.

Albert must collect various items in each level. The targeted items are shown at the top of the game screen. To collect an item, all you have to do is to walk over it. Once you have it in your possession, they are displayed in full color. Your lives are represented by the candle burning in the upper left corner of the game. You have a total of 3 lives and there are no way to gain extra life. Be careful in your movements!

There are only five different item asked by your master. Each of them gives you 10 points when collected. Here they are:

Additionally, there are also 4 power ups that you can collect. Although they have different effects, each of them also gives you 10 points when collected.

Power Ups

Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)
This nasty power up slows Albert down.

Mummified Negg
This nasty power up dims your lantern.

Pink Spooky Popcorn
This helpful power up increases the speed of Albert.

Pink Apple Lantern
This helpful power up brightens your lantern.

The maze is filled with 4 different enemies. As mentioned before, whacking an enemy with a grave earns you 50 points. However, when an enemy has touched you, the light of your lantern is dimmed gradually until you step away from the Petpet. When it happens, the maze surrounding you becomes darker and it gets harder to see what is around you. If your lantern dies, you lose a life.

The Chumablah and Jowlard are circling around the maze in a very predictable way. Ghostkerchief can walk through gravestone and Halloween Rocks have the ability to turn into graves when they stop to move.

Tips and Strategies

If you are not familiar to the game, it's suggested that you take one step at the time because you can't see enemies sometimes.

Play the game often! Levels are always the same and items asked and their location are always the same. Once you get used to the game, you should be able to complete it faster and to improve your score.

All the power ups give out points, even the bad ones. You have to decide what matters the most to you : score or speed and good vision. Of course, you could always decide to counterbalance the effect of a bad power up by catching a good one right after.

It does take patience to beat the game. You may have noticed that enemies are really predictable in their movements. If you wait enough and observe, you won't get injured by them very often. Also, the best way to score high (and get a trophy), is to kill a maximum of enemies. You may also want to collect all power ups, even the nasty ones, for the extra points they give out. There are always helpful power ups that you can collect to restore your speed or brighten your lantern once you have picked an Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) or a Mummified Negg.

Pay attention to the light intensity coming from lantern. When it is about to die, the screen becomes very dark and you won't see enemies coming. When it happens, try to reach a Pink Apple Lantern to brighten your lantern.


Mutant Graveyard of Doom II is one successful game makeover. Sure, it's just another game in which you have to collect items through mazes, but the high quality graphics make it really enjoyable. Enjoy your walk in the doomed graveyard!

Written by Xepha
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