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In this game, you play as a Feepit. Your mission is to kill the Meepits (yay)! The objective in this game is to win the fights. There is an actual ending to the game; you can complete the game. Using z, x, and c keys you can kick, punch, and block, respectively.

Simple enough, eh?

Instructions & Controls

Use the arrow keys to move around. Using z, x, and c keys you can kick, punch, and block, respectively.

Unlike most other games, you can set your own controls. At the first screen of the game, you can click 'Options' with a list of all of the controls. The z, x, and c key (default) may be a bit different than what you're used to. I recommend setting the controls to something you're familiar with. To reset the controls, you click on the box or control that you want to reset, then press the key that you want to reset it to.

Tips & Strategy

To win this game, you simply use the two combinations of attacks (kick, punch, kick, punch or punch, kick, punch, kick). Keep a safe distance between you and meepit when doing the combos too! If you want to make perfect combo, wait until the previous one is done before making the next one. If you just want to win the round, hit the Meepit a few times and block for the rest of the round. The Meepit can't penetrate your defense, so you are sure to win. Eventually you'll learn when to block and when to attack.

The first few levels shouldn't be too hard (you can keep attacking continously). After you get into the higher levels, knowing when to block and when to attack is crucial. For those of you who are trying to get the avatar, try to lose 2 times in a round and then win 3 times. It will ensure you to get a maximum of points for each round. Practice makes perfect. :)

Just remember that you have to play a few rounds to gain experience and knowledge about the simulation of the game and such. Practice will help. You'll gain experience and more.

Get The Highest Score

If you're going for a trophy, the finishing blow should be performed in a specific way. First, get a combo ready by hitting XZX, then when the opponent is roughly 1 Meepit width away, hit the last combo key (Z) as well as jump (UP) at the same time. This jump combo kill shot will give you up to 70 points for one attack.

If you do 5 combo attacks and then a jump combo KO, you can score up to 165 points in one fight. Practice on the first Meepit until you can score 150-165 every fight and then go for the trophy. Without the final blow, the maximum score is 95. Therefore if you lose twice, win three times and get the 100 bonus points, you can get a maximum score of 785 per opponent. That works out at a theoretical perfect score of 3925.


Remember to look over what you have learnt here and putting it into practice really will make a difference. Keep practicing and you'll get better!
Written by Ian
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