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We rate this game somewhat hard.
(This is our rating, not Neopets')

NP Ratio: 2.22
2220 pts :: 1000 NP


It is your job to help the Grundo find his way safely to Kreludor. On his way he runs into some nasty space fungus. Be careful if your Grundo's ship hits the space fungus you will lose a life! To get your Grundo to Kreludor, you need to line up the circles for the ship to travel on to Kreludor!

Controls & Instructions

The controls for this game are simple. You use your mouse and click when you want to place the ring where it currently is at. The ring will rotate continuously until you click to place it. That is all you have to do! But watch where you put those rings, if you place them near space fungus and do not leave room for your ship you may collide with the fungus and lose a life.

At the beginning of each level you are provided with a certain number of rings. You have to line those rings up to Kreludor correctly to make it there safely and within the amount of rings you are provided. Before you just start clicking and placing rings on the screen, think about how many rings you have and plan a route that will get you there safely! If anything gets in your way and your ship cannot arrive to Kreludor you will lose a life and start the level over again. The last ring you place has to be on Kreludor or your ship cannot land.

Along the way you will see power ups. To collect the power up your ship needs to travel directly over it. Sometimes collecting a power up will cause you to be unable to land on Kreludor. Do not collect them if that is the case. The power ups are pictured below, with the results of each.

Levels 1-10

Huge thanks to Judy for this section!
Note: This guide only goes up to level 10, as it is for gaining Neopoints quickly.

Level 1

Easy, right?

Level 2

Also pretty easy. Make sure you don?t place your circle too close to the rocks or else you?ll bump into them and won?t be able to pass.

Level 3

This is a bit harder. Take advantage of the fact that you change directions when you bump into the rocks. Here, when you bump into the rock, you go counterclockwise (CCW) and continue with that direction for the rest of the level.

Level 4

Again, you need to bump into the rocks and change direction. Be careful that you don?t place the second ring too close to the rocks.

Level 5

When you?re spinning around in the bottom right corner, place the ring so that it forms a half circle.

Level 6

This level is a bit difficult in getting the second ring placed correctly. After that, you have enough rings left to be a bit more careless.

Level 7

This is the first level with the space fungus. You only have one shot to place the ring because you might run into a fungus during the revolution.

Level 8

I think this is the last level you need to pass in order to get at least 710 points, or 1000 Neopoints. Starting at the third ring, you have one change to put down the next ring or else you?re going to run into a fungus.

Level 9

Just in case Neopets changes the points: Neopoints ratio, as they have often done (once they changed it to 0.93 points per Neopoint).

Level 10

This one's pretty hard. Little room for error and laying down the last ring is tricky.

Tips & Strategies

Thinking ahead is a must when playing this game. You must plan out what you are going to do. You can't just place rings randomly. However in some of the later levels you do not have time to plan out, you must move quickly.

Gathering a bonus may be tempting, but it isn't always the best thing to do. Going out of your way for neopoints can make you run out of rings quickly, so unless you are sure that you have enough rings to go out of your way, don't do it. Even going out of your way for an extra ring can end up in a lost life. If you are going for a trophy though, these risks might need to be taken. Proceed with caution!

Practice makes perfect! As you can see with levels 1-10, the levels will always have the same rock and fungus placement. Whenever you replay the game, try to remember what worked the last time you played the levels and do it again! This can make the difference while trying to get the trophy.


This game may seem difficult at first, but once you play it and get used to the levels, it becomes an easy way to obtain daily neopoints. Just remember to practice and make quick decisions and you will do great. Have fun traveling to Kreludor!

Written by Ian
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