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NOTE: The Lenny Conundrum was discontinued on July 25, 2013.


Every Wednesday evening, the Lenny Conundrum Lenny releases a new puzzle to the Neopian public. Neopians everywhere rush to solve his puzzle in hopes of earning a trophy, a rare item prize, and an avatar!

Types of Puzzles

  • Logic: Logic puzzles requires logical thinking skills. One example of a logic-based Lenny Conundrum is decoding a message. The key to these puzzles are to not over-think things. The answer could be straight in front of you, so think but don't over think. For an example, see Lenny Conundrum Round #385 or Lenny Conundrum Round #16 .
  • Math Equation: This requires math skills. For this, you could be working with formulas, angles, or even shapes. It might be best to get out some paper and sketch it out. For example, see Lenny Conundrum Round #386 .
  • Guessing: These puzzles are pure guessing. For example, sometimes the Lenny will ask how many marbles are in the jar. There is no way to get the answer here, so type in anything.
  • Sequences: These require both maths and logic skills. The Lenny will post a sequence of maybe numbers/words and your job is to find out the next term in the sequence or what all of them have in common. For example, see Lenny Conundrum Round #393 .
  • Information: The answer to the puzzle can sometimes be found elsewhere on the site. This may require going back into the Lenny Conundrum Archives or to another place on the site. For example, see Lenny Conundrum Round #3 .
  • Combination: Sometimes puzzles are a combination of the other types, such as needing to find information and also solve a sequence, or work through a math equation while also using some logic. For example, see Lenny Conundrum Round #395 or Lenny Conundrum Round #400 .


All of the people who submit the right answer will split a 4 million NP prize pool. That means the fewer who win, the more Neopoints you get.

Also, the first 250 users who correctly answer the question will win a trophy and an item.


  • Always read the question twice. You might miss something the first time.
  • Double-check your answer. You only get one shot, so if you make a silly mistake, your answer will still be wrong.
  • Look for special instructions. If you didn't read to round up your answer and you submit a decimal answer, it still won't count.
  • Stay away from the Neoboards. You have to work out the answer on your own. If you go to the Neoboards for the answer, they will most likely yell very loudly and get mad at you.
  • Practice. Practice makes perfect. You can't expect to go there and come out with a 1st place trophy without thinking.


The Lenny Conundrum can be a fun little brainteaser for people who like puzzles. Sometimes some puzzles or puzzle types are easier than others, but with practice you could have a good shot at the rewards. Good luck!

Written by Vivi
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