Scourge of the Lab Jellies

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In this game your goal is to clear the jellies off of your game board. The more jellies you move, the more jellies that will show up on your board. So make sure you move your jellies wisely!

Controls & Instructions

To move your jellies you will use your mouse. Click on the jelly you would like to move. Then click on the empty spot you would like to move your jelly to. You want to have at least five jellies in a row to clear them from your game board. You can line them up either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The jellies must be alike in order for them to disappear. Yellow jellies with the yellow jellies, purple with purple, and so on. Every time you move a jelly three more jellies will appear.

You will find many different things on your board. Most of what you will see will be your jellies. But you will also see black rocks that will block your path, these rocks cannot be moved. You can however destroy them with a bomb. Bombs will randomly show up on your game board. These are very helpful and will destroy all of the surrounding jellies and rocks. When a bomb shows up you typically have five moves before it will explode. This can help you get the bomb to exactly where you need it the most. Another helpful thing that you will occasionally find is the rainbow jelly that will act as whatever jelly you want it to be. This jelly is circular and is flashing.

All of your jellies are worth 10 points, so if you destroy five jellies that will award you 50 points. However the rainbow jelly will award you 40 points! Also, when you make longer chains some jellies can be worth 20 points.

Tips & Strategies

There is nothing better than a cheat code! Type boomshaketheroom and you will get a bomb after your next three turns!

If you need to move a jelly and there are no open spaces to move through, you will have to move jellies around in order to get it to move. But make sure you're not making a bunch of moves, or you're just going to add more jellies causing you more problems. When playing try to make sure you do not end up with all of your paths blocked.

Move wisely, make sure you are planning what you are going to do ahead of time. If you just move things around randomly it is only going to make things worse for you. This is a game of strategy. Take your time, you do not have a time limit. Make sure you are really thinking about your moves, they are important. Good luck and have fun with all those mysterious jellies that come from a non-existent world!


Now that you know how to get rid of those annoying jellies, head on over to destroy some! Be careful not to be overtaken!

Written by Ian
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