Jumpin' Gem Heist

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NP Ratio: 100.00
100000 pts :: 1000 NP


Jumpin' Gem Heist, look at the instructions and it seems easy, right? Wrong! You only get 120 seconds here to get your points, and all you can use is your mouse. There is no way to pause the game, making it even harder. If you had as much time as you needed this game would be very easy, but sadly, it is not.

Controls and Instructions

This game is played by using your mouse to move your Sandan across the bottom of the screen. It will follow your mouse, so try and get under carts with gems in them, then click to throw your stone. Move under gems to catch them, and avoid rocks that are not round and white. The round white rock that is not glowing you must catch, as every time you lose one you lose a life. Some carts will contain glowing white rocks, you can catch these also for a bonus or another rock. You only have 3 rocks, but you will keep them as long as you catch it.

Item Effect

Your Rock
This is the Rock you throw up at the carts, it also represents your lives. Each time you drop one, you lose one, you only have three. You must catch this on its way down or you will lose a life.

Red Gem
This is the smallest of the four gems, it is worth 100 Points

Blue Gem
This is a medium-sized gem, it is worth 200 Points

Purple Gem
This is a medium-sized gem, it is worth 300 Points

Green Gem
This is the largest of the four gems, it is worth 500 Points

Extra Rock
This is a glowing version of your own rock, sometimes in carts. It will give you another rock if you have two or one left, or if you have all three rocks it will give you 750 Points as a "Full Rock Bonus".

Sharp Rocks
These rocks are very often in carts. If you are hit by these you will not be able to move for 3 seconds, which compared to the time you have, is a lot. You can dodge these by moving out of the way.

Flaming Rocks
These rocks will sometimes fall from the sky. A warning banner appears about 2 seconds before the rocks come. If you are hit by these you will not be able to move for 3 seconds, which compared to the time you have, is a lot. You can dodge these by moving out of the way.
Number Representation
1 This is you. You run around the bottom following your mouse collecting gems, catching your rock, throwing it at carts, and avoiding sharp rocks.
2 This is your rock. Click to activate this and throw it up, just catch it again or lose a life.
3 This is how many rocks you have left. Once it is down to one, and you lose your rock, it is game over. Replenish by collecting white rocks.
4 This is your score. See how many points you can get in 120 seconds. Increase this by catching gems or getting a bonus.
5 This is how many gems you need to collect to reach the next level. Levels increase the cart speed. It does not show the exact number of gems you need, it is more likely points.
6 This is the cart line. The carts move along here.
7 This is a cart. This cart contains only gems. Hitting this with your rock will make everything in a cart fly up, and fall down for you to catch or avoid.
8 This is what gems look like in a cart.
9 This is how sharp rocks look in a cart.
10 This is a falling rock.
11 This is how much time you have left.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips and hints that could come in handy.

  • Hit carts constantly in later levels.
  • Try to go for carts with white rocks and Green Gems in them.
  • Ignore the random Bori, he means nothing.
  • Don't worry about rocks, they usually will not come near you anyways.
  • The arrow that shows where a white rock is when above the screen is blue.
  • If nothing shows up above the rim of the cart, don't bother, you will get nothing.
  • Not catching your own rock will also cause to to freeze for 2 seconds.
  • You cannot pause the game.
  • You might prefer playing with a pen tablet, as coordination is very important.
  • Catching five gems in a row without dropping one gets you a 1000 Point combo bonus.
  • Throwing between two carts will hit them both.


The difficulty is not so agonizing that it is not fun, in fact, Jumpin' Gem Heist is a challenging kind of difficult (unlike Splat-a-Sloth). Once you've played a few times you should get the hang of it, if not, try, try, try again.

Written by Ian
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