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NP Ratio: 1.11
1110 pts :: 1000 NP


In this game, you play as two brothers Jolly and Olly battling an evil mutant Chia just to save their sister (Awwww). There are seven levels that you need to beat plus a boss to win the game. You mainly have to shoot enemies of your own colour while climbing up a huge tree. Everything about this game is awesome, even the music!

Instructions & Controls

This game is fairly simple and you can even change your controls to suit your style. The default controls are the arrow keys to move, space bar to jump, and Z to switch between Olly and Jolly. Your main goal is to shoot all the enemies and pick up all the powerups in the level. This will get you the most points.

In order to destroy the enemies and get points, you need to shoot them. There is a catch though. Olly (the purple one) can only shoot purple enemies and Jolly (the green one) can only shoot green enemies. In other words, you can only shoot your own colour. Also note that you can't change colours while you are jumping.


Every time you shoot an enemy, it drops some sort of item. None of these are bad so grab every one that you can. The most common drop is ammo, but there are still many other good things you can get. See below for all the different items you can pick up.


+5 Ammo. Must be picked up respectively by Jolly and Olly.
Shield - Creates a protection shield around Olly and Jolly.
Power Blast -Lets you shoot two shots, one above the other.
Power Jump - Lets you jump higher.
Gives you +1 live.


Enemies also drop durian fruits along the way! These are the most valuable items you can get. They give you lots of points!

5 pts 10 pts 15 pts 20 pts


There are three different kinds of enemies in this game. Each time you hit one, you get two points and each time they hit you you lose a quarter of your health. Both enemies come in green and purple and look a bit different in the game. What they are and what they do is described below.


These are the easiest to defeat, most basic enemies. The move back and forth on one platform pausing at each side and are pretty much sitting ducks and easy points. Get all of them because they are the easiest way to get points.


Tennas are a bit harder to deal with, they usually bounce across the whole screen on a series of platforms, usually in groups of two (purple and green) they are in my opinion the most dangerous opponent. They will also sometimes reappear below after you have moved up a few platforms, so be weary if you fall.


These are the most elusive creatures that you'll encounter while playing the game. They aren't introduced until the third level (well there is one in the second but if you blink, you'll miss it) and dont pose much of a threat. All they do is fall down, moving to the left if they encounter a platform, in other words, if you see them, shoot them, but don't worry too much about them.

Tips & Strategies

There are two main things to keep in mind while you play Jolly Jugglers:

  • Shoot every single enemy.
  • Collect every items dropped by enemy.

If you have a hard time jumping on platforms or clouds that are farther, be sure to move on the very edge of the platform where you are standing before jumping. Also, keep in mind that you cannot change your active character while jumping. Make changes accordingly to the enemy you are aiming at before jumping!

Cheat: "magicjugglingballs" - Extra Life

The Boss

In order to completely beat the game and save Jolly and Olly's sister, you must defeat the evil mutant Chia boss. This boss is not too hard and you dont need to master any new skills in order to defeat him. Just jump around and avoid the lightning balls while shooting him at every chance you get. If you see any power ups, get them especially the sheild. This will give you 10 seconds of free shooting time and will make your attempt to defeat the Chia much easier and faster. The bonuses fall from the sky so they aren't that hard to get.

Extra Points

Did you know that after beating the boss you can still get some extra points? Although there is really no point for this unless you are trying to get the trophy and need a few more points because once you are at the boss you should have way more than enough points to get your 1000 neopoints. Anyways, right after you defeat the boss with your 100th shot, just continue shooting him. For every shot that hits him, you get 1 point.


Jolly Jugglers is a fun platform game that can easily earn you Neopoints once you master it! Have fun!

Written by Ryan
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