Jelly Blobs of Doom

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NP Ratio: 1.59
1590 pts :: 1000 NP


In this game, you play as a jelly Chomby. Your goal is to eat as many jelly blobs as possible! However, there is a twist: you can only eat jelly blobs that are smaller than you.

Instructions & Controls

As like most games you use the left, right, up and down keys to move. If you hold down the button your character will move and continue moving in that direction until commanded otherwise. To move just a little you shall tap the keys in the direction desired. I personally am the reckless type so I tend to hold down the keys sliding left and right nearly committing suicide with each blob. (Warning; I am good at this game. I highly recommend that blob newbies keep away from my reckless example.) If you wish to take my sloppy path then you can move in a diagonal by holding down a combination of two keys depending on which direction you desire to move. The ground is slippery so you will slide to a stop after each new input of force. If you wish to brake you must hit the key opposite than which you are moving but only tap it or you will slide the other way.

Tips & Strategy

Your enemies come in a large variety ranging from little tiny purple dots to giant blue blobs that take up most of the screen.

Only eat the ones smaller than you. As you eat you will progress in size thus allowing you to eat bigger and bigger ones. If you turn to the left or right you will be able to see how big you are. This is the span between the tail and head. If the big ones get you they will swallow you and drag you to the side of the screen where you shall be greeted by the 'gameover! send score?' page. To avoid this I have a saying. If in doubt. run away! If you're unsure if you can or cannot eat it don't attempt. It's safer just to ignore it and go for one you are sure you can eat. This will make you last longer and after a while of eating the little guys you can finally seek your revenge against the doubtful ones!


Type fishnegg to receive 50 extra points. When you type this a fishnegg will appear on the screen and to receive the addition to your score you must obtain it as you would the small blobs.

Type rainbownegg to receive 20 extra points. When you type this a rainbownegg will appear on the screen and to receive the addition to your score you must obtain it as you would the small blobs.

Type marissa on the screen that says press "space to continue" and you will get "Now are you happy?" This doesn't seem to have any effect on the game.

Randomly bang your head on the keyboard (hands and feet work too but the head is the funniest!) and a giant blue jellyblob appears. You can use this cheat as many times as you want. This doesn't help you at all but it's fun!


Have fun eating those jelly blobs! Try and be careful and you'll do well.

Thanks Limegreenhippychick for helping with this guide.

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