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Meridell has had its fair share of battles with Darigan in it's time. But this time, you get to play an active roll deploying your troops and whooping their Darigan behind. Darigan's intent was to turn Meridell just like them, but hopefully, with your help, we can stop them.

Controls & Instructions

By clicking the character you want to move, then clicking the spot you want to move them too using the left mouse button, you need too defeat all of the invading Darigan troops in each mission. Don't forget to collect the lost item in each mission for a boost. You need to convert all of the invaders into soldiers to win a battle.

Tips & Strategies

When you play, you get to take turns. Each turn consists of 5 moves. These can be moving your troops, attacking, healing or whatever you happen to be doing. Each pet has a certain move limit per turn. During your turn, your opponent cannot attack. But also, during theirs, you cannot attack them.

Every species in the game have their own unique abilities. Here's a rundown of each species:

Moehog - These guys can move 4 times per turn. This means that they can easily infiltrate the opposing armies area and retrieve the lost item early on. However later on, when the Skeith can teleport, it is better to keep the Moehog at the back so you can quickly summon them to attack any invader that gets past your other team members. A good defence weapon is the Counter Enchantment Helmet, which helps free up a Grundos healing power after level 5.

Techo - The Techo can move 2 times per turn. Once they pick up a sword of Deflection quite early on (in terms of getting to the end) they are very strong and in the early rounds can slice through the invaders and convert them easily. The Techo is usually the one that levels up first in the earlier levels, but should stay back with the Moehog at the later levels.

Scorchio - Scorchios can also move 2 times per turn. They are not very useful during the first few missions, but as soon as you pick up the Bow, put them in the front line of your attack. Using the Bow, they can attack a square away, which is a comfortable distance to attack an enemy, but not get hit yourself.

Grundo - Although not incredibly useful in early levels, keep the Grundo and the Scorchio together at the early levels. They both move at 2 times per turn. Alternate between saves as this will only really be the way that your Grundo will level up. Whenever you see the Magic Force Spell, get it. The Grundo can then heal other members of your troop. In later levels, when the Invader Buzz's cast an enchantment on you, you won't be able to heal.

Skeith - Skeiths can only move one space at a time, so aren't helpful. But they are powerful with the right equipment. When you see the Amulet of Teleportation, get it. It will move your Skeith around much quicker and will make for the ideal pet to retrieve the lost item. Accopany it with a Halberd and you've got a winning combination. If a Invader Buzz does disable your Skeiths teleportation powers, get a Techo with a Sword of Deflection to click on the Skeith and free them from it.

I've mentioned the phrase "Level up" quite a few times, and you may not have any idea what I'm talking about. Well, these are the rank that your troops are at. All saved invaders have the rank "Villager" when you have them, and all your troops begin on "Villager" when you start a new game. To "level up", you will need a certain amount of saves as mentioned below:

Villager - Less than 3 saves
Defender - 3 saves
Soldier - 9 saves
Captain - 32 saves
Lieutenant - 64 saves
Corporal - 96 saves

96 saves may sound like a lot, but if you follow the tips in this guide, you shouldn't have a problem.

The lost items are your secondary goal. You aim to retrieve the lost item from the opposite side of each board. For every mission, there is a new item. It isn't necessary to retrieve the lost item to complete a mission, but if you do, it will boost all your troops stats by 1 point (up to their maximum) and give you the edge in all battles after that. However, if you lose a battle, you start the mission over and lose the power from the lost item. You cannot retrieve it again, as you still have it.

Another good tip is to recognize an opponents order of attacking. If multiple opponents are around them, they attack them in this order: top, bottom, top left, left, bottom left, top right, right, bottom right. This may sometimes change, but it is usually this pattern.

You can use this fact to your advantage when trying to level up your troops. Place your converted invaders around an opponent, making sure that one is at the top of the square now formed. You use the "End Turn" link at the top of the page every time it's your go until the converted invader turns back into an enemy invader. Once that happens, attack the newly converted invader until he turns back into a converted invader. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Remember, you can only level up once per mission. Other saves will not go towards gaining another level if you already have leveled up that mission.

Lastly, keep the original 5 pets as your troops, as they will be stronger and you need their individual skill to do well in the game.

Extra Stuff

To get the avatar, you must complete Mission 7 Battle 3 in the SAME MONTH as the game was started in. Start a new game at the start of every month just to be sure.


Every Meridellian wishes they could have saved their beloved world against Darigan in the war. Now you can get your own back through another means. Convert those invaders! Go Go!

Written by Matt
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