Invasion: Blastoids

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Invasion: Blastoids is your chance to take a walk in the shoes of the Space Faerie as she uses a ship equipped with Blastoids to destroy comets that threaten to destroy all of Neopia. No pressure, though.

Controls & Instructions

The controls for Blastoids are easy and fairly reminiscent of Attack of the Slorgs. You use the mouse to move the ship and to aim. This moves the ship left and right across the bottom of the screen on an arched path. This means that you cannot shoot at a comet on the extreme edge of the game screen; the positioning will hinder you from doing so.

Blastoids fire in a straight line from your current position are launched when you click the left mouse button. Super blastoids can be used by clicking the space bar.


For veteran Neopians, Blastoids may seem fairly easy because it has a few combined elements that we may be used to from other games. The object of the game is to destroy the comets that threaten Neopia by firing blastoids (colored spheres) at them. If you connect three of the same color blastoid together, all of them disappear. Creating a combo of at least 5 blastoids at any time during a level gives you access to a Bonus Level, where you can rack up lots of additonal points and extra items. Let's face it, who doesn't love a bonus?

If a comet manages to make it to Neopia, all is lost, everyone perishes, it's the end of everything as we know it; absolute Neopian Apocalypse, but again no pressure!

The great thing is you have three lives, so that means three different chances to save Neopia. Thank your lucky stars. Every time you end the world, you lose a life. Lose three, then it really is the end and we have you to thank for no more free omelets; heh, just kidding.

Destroying sections of blastoids fills up your Amulet Meter and when it is full, this gives you access to a Super blastoid. Super blastoids destroy any color within a radius of where it lands. This is very useful for long comets with few like colors.

As you play, there will be obstacles in the way such as asteroids and other lovely space rocks and debris. If you happen to hit any of these, then your blastoid will explode and be useless. You also want to avoid hitting the head of the comet; this will also destroy your blastoid. Plasma is also a debilitating feature of the game, as it freezes the ship for a few seconds.

It isn't all bad, though! There are a few positive items you can grab, like Green Capsules and Red Planets. Shooting either of these items will not only give you an awesome score bonus, they'll also give your ship a neat effect!

Items & Foes
Asteroid Comets travel around these randomly-placed obstacles. They will also block your blastoids.
Comet Head The comet's head is indestructible and will break your blastoids, much like a moving asteroid.
Green Capsule Green Capsules not only add 50 to your score, they also protect your ship from plasma for a short time.
Plasma Not only will Plasma freeze you for a short time if it touches your ship, it will also decrease your amulet meter! D:
Red Planet Red Planets add 250 points to your score. Also, for every 10 you shoot in one game, you'll be given an extra life! (unless you already had 3, in which case you won't get anything)

Tips & Strategies

  • As stated before, try to wait for the comet to head toward the middle of your screen before shooting at it. The arched path of your ship makes it difficult, if not impossible, to hit a comet travelling near the edge.
  • Remember that the purple head of the comet destroys your blastoid on contact. You can use this to your advantage by destroying the blastoids that you don't want to attach to the comet.
  • While the head of the comet is solid and will destroy your blastoid, the tail of the comet will allow a blastoid to pass through. This makes it easier to combine blastoids at the end of a comet.
  • There's no need to rush in order to shoot a power-up that has just spawned, as they will not disappear until you either shoot it or the level ends.
  • There is no set queue for which color blastoid you'll get next; it is a random chance. However, if there is more of a certain color on the comet, that color is more likely to be received.
  • Be careful! Upon losing a life, the level you are currently on will restart! That also means that your score will be reset to what it was when you originally started the level.
  • In the later stages, when keeping up with the comets becomes more difficult, it may be better to simply allow plasma to hit your ship. Since it will sit on your energy path for much longer, allowing it to hit you will keep the plasma from affecting your play for too long.


Invasion: Blastoids starts out at a slow and steady pace, but will quickly speed it up as the levels progress. If you want to defend Neopia (and earn lots of Neopoints) you'll have to use your fast decision-making skills to keep the comets at bay.

Having trouble? Try playing Attack of the Slorgs ! The mechanics are similar, but the game is a little bit easier. Once you feel more comfortable, give this game another try.

Written by persontired
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