Hubrid's Hero Heist

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In this game, you must save all the heroes from the Neopets Trading Card game. The evil villain Hubrid Nox has stolen them, and his minion ghosts will be there to stop you. Get out your wand and prepare yourself to shrink and squish some evil ghosts so you can save those heroes!

Controls & Instructions

Hubrid's Hero Heist uses the keyboard. Your arrow keys will move you left and right as well as up and down when you are at a ladder. The spacebar is used to cast the shrinking spell. Once you shrink the ghosts, you can squish them by walking over them. If you hold up and the spacebar at the same time you will teleport up, and if you hold down and the spacebar at the same time you will teleport down.

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First, you need to know the ghosts that will be haunting you on your mission to find the heroes. Many of the enemies will throw things at you that can kill you or attack you in a special way. Stay out of the way of these! However, if you shrink the enemy, they will not attack while they are shrunk and you can walk over them to destroy them.

Enemy Attack Description
Ghost Kacheek N/A Kacheeks just walk around.
Ghost Jubjub N/A JubJubs just hop around.
Werelupe Werelupe Bones Werelupes throw bones towards you.
Ghost Shoyru Shoyru Blast Shoyrus emit a blast towards you.
Ghost Chia Chia Dive Attack Chias dive attack you.
Dark Faerie Dark Faerie Balls The Dark Faerie flies around and throws colored balls at you. You cannot shrink and destroy her; you must just avoid her attack.

Whenever you squish a ghost an item will appear somewhere in the level. Get to those as quickly as possible - they disappear after a little while. The points you get from those items is where you can accumulate most of your points in the game. Some items are worth more points than others, but the points add up even for the lower scoring items. Here are the items you can collect and their point values.
Item Points Item Points Item Points
100 points 350 points 1000 points
150 points 400 points 1500 points
200 points 500 points 4000 points
250 points 800 points 5000 points
300 points 1000 points 5000 points

While you're playing, do not worry about falling off the bottom of the screen. If you fall off the bottom floor you will not die, you will simply land on the top floor.

The level ends when you've defeated all of the ghosts in that level (except for the Dark Faerie). There is a time limit for each level, so do not take your time! The more time you have left at the end of the level, the bigger your time bonus and the higher your score!

When you complete 6 levels, you earn a hero card. Collect all 6 to beat the game!

Tips & Strategies

  • Get rid of the harder ghosts first, then work on the easy ones. This will help you finish the level faster and receive a larger time bonus.
  • Shrink the ghosts while their back is turned to you. They only attack forward, so if you can sneak up behind them you can avoid their attack and easily destroy them.
  • Pick up the items worth more first. The items disappear after a short time, so prioritize the ones that are worth more points. Try to get them all, though! One way to do this is to destroy only one enemy at a time.
  • Avoid the Dark Faerie. Since she cannot be killed your best bet is to just avoid her as much as you can. She will eventually float off, so just try to stay out of her aim!
  • Watch where you're going. Otherwise you will run into situations where you will be easily killed. Pay special attention when falling off the bottom floor to the top floor to be sure there are no enemies where you will land. Check before you walk off the edge.
  • Use your teleport! This can help you move vertically quickly without wasting time walking horizontally toward a ladder. It can also help you get out of dangerous situations quickly as well as into hard-to-reach places.


Now that you know the basics of the game, head on over to wave your wand around and squish some ghosts. The more you play the better you will get. Good luck; those heroes are depending on you!

Written by Ian
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