Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure

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Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure is a simple, fun game to play once you get the right clothing combinations. Each round gives a clue, and it is up to you to figure out what outfit is right for Hannah to wear in the situation. The quicker you answer, the more points you get. There are also three bonus rounds to score even more points.

Controls & Instructions

Each round starts with a mission statement (scenario) that you must read carefully. It gives you a general idea of the clothing Hannah has to wear to succeed. Using your mouse, click on the desired items to see them modeled on Hannah, on the left side of the game screen.

To move to the next mission, four of the five clothing items must be correct. Once you perfectly clear a round, the exclamation mark at the bottom of the screen will light up. If you can't figure out what to put on Hannah, click the box and one of the right articles of clothing will show up magically!

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round is oddly reminiscent of a classic arcade game. First, click and aim your mouse where you want to launch the ball. Once the ball is in motion and comes back down, use your paddle to "catch" the ball and bounce it back up. If the ball goes below your paddle, you lose the bonus round. Your goal is to hit all the bricks and collect the diamond (using the ball). On the first bonus round, for example, line your mouse up as shown below to hit the diamond on your first shot. Please note that the background of each bonus level changes each time, so you may not necessarily have the same background as the picture below.

Tips and Strategies

To make things easier, we've made a complete list of Hannah's outfits. The answers are highlighted in green. Please remember that the order the scenarios come in is different every time, so the solution is probably not exactly in the following order. To determine which solution to use, make sure that you read the scenario given before each level OR look at the bag near Hannah's feet. Below, the solutions are listed in alphabetical order by world.

The Faerie Queen's Castle has been besieged by a group of Darkest Faerie supporters. Head to Faerie City and subdue these ruffians with...a lullaby. Yeah, that's it. Make sure to bring the proper gear or you'll end up catching z's yourself.

Kiko Lake
Reports are flooding in that claim many of the glass bottom boats for the Kiko Lake Boat Tours have sprouted unexplained leaks. Help find the cause or who is behind this evil deed and get Boat Tours back in business without getting soaked.

Grundo inhabitants have reported strange goings-on at the Mining Corp. The mines are dnagerous, and you'll have the S750 Defender Robot to contend with, so come prepared. Find any documentation you can on the mine's true purpose and turn it into the authorities.

Lost Desert
A valuable urn has gone missing from Osiri's collection. It is believed the urn was stolen and later sold to Princess Amira. Find the Urn and return it to its proper owner, and remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A valuable turkey leg has gone missing from King Skarl's collection. It is likely that said leg was accidentally thrown out with the garbage. Fish around for the prized morsel and return it to Skarl's collection. Gross, we know, but don't judge.

Mystery Island
The Island Mystic has lost his marbles! He must win his next game against the Tiki Tack Man, so scour the jungle for the Mystic's lucky bag of marbles. You'll want to blend in; dress accordingly. Good luck!

Neopia Central
The Grooming Parlour's mirrors are missing. The shopkeeper claims a rather sinister (and vain) Acara was seen near the shop. Dress in your best and trick the Acara into returning the stolen reflective surfaces.

Citizens from the land of flying ships have reported attacks by masked assailants dressed in black. It is believed that Niten Hiroru is behind it all. Infiltrate the enemy ranks high atop the mountains and stop the attacks from within.

Terror Mountain
There is rumoured to be a spectacular diamond somewhere in the Ice Caves that holds great power. Valin is said to be looking for it. Gather your tools and secure the diamond before Valin can get to it.

Virtupets Space Station
Dr. Sloth reports REALLY wanting a can of Diet Neocola, but he's having a bit of trouble with the Neocola Machine. *snicker* It seems to be pelting him with cans of cherry Neocola instead. Evil villain or not, find Dr. Sloth and make sure he's using proper change in the machine without insulting him. It's the only way to save Neopia from certain doom.


Hannah's Wardrobe Adventure is a fairly simple game if you have the solutions. Although it may be more fun to try to guess the answers yourself, using a guide such as this one would be much quicker and more efficient. With practice, you'll eventually get higher scores as you become faster during the normal game and better at the bonus rounds. As you play, you'll find that you're just like that wardrobe - a great dresser! (*badumcrash*)

Written by Jenny & Grant
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