Hannah and the Ice Caves

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Hannah is back - and this time the challenge is so tough, even she needs help!

After her adventure in the Pirate Caves, Hannah is back and ready to tackle the all new Ice Caves - and this time, she's brought her Bori friend Armin along for the ride! You can play as both characters, switching between the two at will, while you tackle thirty different levels.

Controls and Instructions

When you first begin a game, you will see something like this:

This screenshot was taken on a slightly later level (so I could get more of the various things in one shot), but the first level will look fairly similar.

Basic Controls

Hannah and Armin are the two characters you can play as in the game. Their basic controls are pretty standard - basically you use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump. Alternatively, you may use o to move left, p to move right and q to look up.

Key What It Does...
Move to the left with the left arrow key.
Similarly, with the right arrow key you move to the right.
To crawl or duck under enemies use the down arrow key.
Use the up arrow key to "look" up
To switch between Hannah and Armin use the S key.
(You can also switch by clicking the "Inactive Character" in the topbar.)
Finally, to jump use the spacebar.

Each character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses - and you will need both to complete each level. For example, Hannah can jump much higher than Armin and can therefore reach ledges and things that are further away. There are, of course, parts of every level that both characters could do, and as you play you will probably find one you prefer to use for these parts of the game.

To complete each level you must collect all the treasure chests and then find the door. The door will only open when you have found all the treasure. In some of the levels there is a gem or an extra life for you to collect as well. You don't have to collect them, but the gems award an extra 5,000 points and another life is always useful!


The larger of these two friends, Hannah is also more athletic than Armin. As mentioned above, she jumps much higher than Armin and this is something of a double-edged sword - you will need her to reach higher areas, but its also more likely that you will hit a spike on the roof of the cave. Always try to remember to look up (with the up arrow key) before you jump with Hannah - its that old saying, look before you leap!

Hannah can also swim. The "Breath Left" bar along the bottom shows how much air she has left when she is underwater, as she stays under the bubbles will pop until (if you don't come up for air) they run out and you lose a life. The controls when swimming are slightly different - the left and right arrow keys are still for moving left and right, but the up and down keys now move Hannah, well... up and down!


This little Bori has two special strengths - he can burrow through soft snow, and he can destroy enemies simply by running them over! To make Armin burrow, walk up to the soft snow and hold down the down arrow key (while moving forward) so he crawls through it.

Armin can destroy enemies either by jumping on them, or by just running over them - while both will work, the latter is better as a glitch in the game means that sometimes when you jump on an enemy you actually end up losing a life.

Technically, Armin can't swim - if he landing in water higher than his ankles he'll drown - but there is a glitch where he can sort of "glide" over pools of water if you push the spacebar down repeatedly as you move along the top of the water. Its not foolproof, but if you miss the first secret area in Gunther's Revenge then you can get Armin across the pool of water.

Snowbeasts and Icy Flames

These are the two enemies in Hannah and the Ice Caves that Armin can't just run over to destroy them. You can destroy them with a well-placed arrow or a falling boulder (see below) if you're lucky, but don't count on it - for the most part you need all these items to set off various things in the levels and you won't have any to waste on these enemies! Avoiding them is best, if the Flames are flying low to the ground you can use the down arrow key to crawl under them with either character.

As for the Snowbeasts, they are much too big for poor little Armin! The only way past them is for Hannah to fly over them with a well-timed jump. It will probably take a bit of practice before you get the knack of it, you have to jump just before the beast reaches you - only don't wait too long, or the arc of your jump won't clear the Snowbeast's horns... you get used to it after a couple of times!

Arrows, Dynamite and Boulders

These are the useful items you'll find in the game. Arrows are set off by bumping into them, and are strategically place around the levels so that once you set them off they can release treasure or destroy a platform that might be in your way. Dynamite in wooden boxes is set off in much the same way and is most often used to clear a path through the level. Occasionally you will find dynamite contained within metal crates - this can be set off either with some boxed dynamite, or with an arrow.

Single boulders can be pushed around by either character and if they fall onto an Icy Flame or a Snowbeast it will destroy them. Similarly, they will break through any platforms that they fall onto. Boulders can also be pushed along in front of a character to destroy any spikes that are in your way.

Secrets Walkthrough

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Level Secrets
Hannah There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Armin There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Icy Boulders There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Volley of Arrows There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Its Dynamite
Warm Up
Snow Beast Attack
Spooky Caves
Nothing But Nothing There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Glacier of Doom
Frosty Cavern
Hannahs Solo Climb
Big Trouble
Fireworks There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Gunthers Revenge
Splish Splash
Stairs of Death
Icy Skeletal Hordes There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Zig Zag
Dig It! There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Icy Islands
Hannah on the Rocks
Arrowned There are no secret areas or extra lives in this level, and the gem is unobtainable due to a design error.
Sunken Treasures There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
Armin's Task There are no secret areas in this level, and the gem/extra life are at the end of each "passage".
***Free Fall There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
***Winter Wonderland There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.
***Avalanche There are no secret areas, gems or extra lives in this level.


This is a very addicting adventure game, and while it might take you some time to get used to all the controls once you've made it to the final level (Muahaha) you can simply play that three times a day for a guaranteed 3,000 Neopoints. Hopefully this guide will help you on your way to unlocking all the levels, and perhaps even help you gain another trophy for your cabinet!

Written by Ian
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