Gwyl's Great Escape

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NP Ratio: 1.05
1050 pts :: 1000 NP


You play as a Symol named Gwyl who is working his first day at the jewel mine. Of course, he's gone and trapped himself deep within the mine. Naturally, you need to help him gather all the jewels he sees and then get him to the exit of each cave. Complete as many rounds as fast as you can to gain as many points as you can.

Controls & Instructions

You will have to use your mouse to control/move the Lightmite, and to blow a gust of wind to move Gwyl you will have to either click the mouse on the left of Gwyl to blow it toward the right, or on the right of Gywl to blow it toward the left.

Game Screen

  • 1. Your Score
  • 2. Your Lives
  • 3. Gems Collected/Gems to Collect
  • 4. Health Bar
  • 5. Turn Sound On/Off
  • 6. End Game Button
  • 7. Hazards
  • 8. Lightmite
  • 9. Balloon
  • 10. Symol
  • 11. Exit Portal
  • 12. Gems


Gem Description
Blue Diamond Gem.

Green Rectangular Gem.

Orange Circular Gem.

Pink Circular Gem.

Red Rectangular Gem.

Purple Diamond Gem.

Stage Exit

After collecting all the gems scattered throughout the stage you will need to make your way back to the familiar statue that you see at the start of every stage. All you have to do is hover over the statue to complete your current stage.

NOTE: The statue, exit portal, will be glowing gold if you have managed to collect all the gems.

Exit Portal Description
Before collecting all the gems throughout the stage the exit portal will look brown and dull, and will not affect Gwyl in anyway.

After collecting all the gems throughout the stage the exit portal will glow gold, and you will be able to leave the stage by hovering over the exit portal.

Tips & Strategies

Before you even play the first level, there is actually a bonus level you can play beforehand to score easy points! Click on 'Continue Game' - NOT 'New Game'. Type in gwylsgreatestescapeever and click 'Submit!' It will take you to a bonus level which can help you earn those extra points you need for a high score. After you complete the level, you will be taken to the first level of the game - but with lots of extra points! Be careful though, if you lose health on the bonus level, you will not regain any of it when you start the first level of the game!

When playing the game you should always make sure that Gwyl does not get hurt, but you may forget that both Gwyl and the balloon are not allowed to collide with the hazards.

When you are trying to squeeze through small vertical gaps always keep Gwyl steady and try to keep all movement up and down. When Gwyl is steady slowly let him drop.

Finishing quickly will give you more bonus at the end of the level, but if you have little to no health left than there is no point. Time is of the essence if you are going for a high score, but if you are just starting out you shouldn't be worrying about the time too much. Your health is far more important, as you will not get anymore health at the end of each stage, and you only have two lives.

When Gwyl inevitably collides with one of the hazards and loses health, it is not a fixed amount of health that is lost. If you keep Gwyl on the hazard, he will continue to lose health. When Gwyl collides with a hazard, make sure to move him as quickly as possible back to safety.


Using the Lightmite to control Gwyl is a little daunting at first, but will soon become second nature after a little while. When starting out, always make sure to finish the level with as much health as possible because finishing quickly will reward you with bonus points, but if you lose plenty of health you will not be able to progress through to the later stages. Don't panic when you do collide with the hazards just calmly and quickly try your best to get Gwyl back to safety. Give the game a chance, and don't rush through it and you will find that Gwyl's Great Escape is a great game to play!

Written by GyniE
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