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King Skarl. Not the friendliest Skeith you've met. He's a bit bored, and he needs your help to lighten his mood. Tell him a joke and see whether he chuckles with joy, or thunders with might.

Controls & Instructions

The idea is simple. Make a joke using the set of words provided and hope it cheers the king up. You can leave out certain words.

Tips & Strategies

There isn't really a strategy at all! It's completely random! But, here are the options you are given to make a joke from a wide array of options.

As you can see from those options, you are quite limited to what you can say as a joke. It can be completely random (such as "When don't you recognise an boring Avabot unlike gets caught at battle slices?") and still be accepted.

The more random, the better. Don't waste time trying to make it make sense. 7/10 times you do it, you won't get anything but a rating anyway!

You can make a joke a one word question and a one word answer. But, you have to click the grey "*leave blank*" option every time, which takes longer in my opinion. You are better off just choosing random ones for each.

Every drop-down box must have something other than "Select Part _" in it, otherwise he complains that it "isn't a complete joke".

You are allowed to try your luck twice a day, and only from your main account.

At certain times, the king goes "Out to Lunch". The message reads "He might be in a better mood with a full stomach. Unfortunately, he's not. So don't wait for it.

Extra Stuff

To get the avatar "Blumaroo - Court Jester" as mentioned above, you need to tell the joke "What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?". Your answer can be anything. But to get the avatar, the king must laugh hysterically at the joke. Even then, it's randomly awarded! Good luck trying to get it.


I hope you don't intend to make a huge amount of Neopoints with this game! Every so often you will get a few Neopoints and some Medieval Food from him. You will rarely get a similar payout from what you would get from a flash game. I suggest playing this for avatar and trophy collectors only. But, you know, you could get lucky. King Skarl might actually like you!

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