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The spirits of ghosts in the Haunted Woods have always been restless. Tonight is a special occasion for the deceased Petpets, as they can't seem to stop rising out of their graves. Your job is to keep the ghosts at bay by giving them a good whack on the head. (Which still has me baffled!)

Controls & Instructions

In order to play Ghost Bopper, it is recommended that you use the number keypad on your keyboard. Make sure that the Number Lock key is turned on before playing the game. Unfortunately, some keyboards and laptops do not have this feature and therefore can make the game a bit more difficult. Those without a number keypad are given the option in "Setup" to use letter keys instead.

As you will notice in the game, there are nine graves in the cemetery. These graves correspond with numbers on the keypad. So, if you press the number nine, the ghost in the upper right corner will be hit back into its apparently shallow grave.

There are various ghosts and items that you will encounter during gameplay. Two tables have been constructed below that allow you to see each one and what their purpose is.

Petpet Description

Ghost Greeble
Worth 1 Point

Ghost Greebles are as simple as they look. Just hitting them once will take care of the problem. They first appear on Level One.

Ghost Faellie
Worth 2 Points

For such innocent looking ghosts, it is hard to imagine that Ghost Faellies take part in this ghoulish activity. Luckily, 2 bumps to the head will put them to rest. They are first introduced on Level Two.

Ghost Deaver
Worth 3 Points

A Ghost Deaver's pitifully clueless appearance can fool almost anyone. This Petpet will endure 3 hits before it finally goes down. They are first introduced on Level Six.

Ghost Ona
Worth 4 Points

While they may look adorable, Ghost Ona are the hardest enemies to defeat. They are first introduced on Level Eight and require 4 hits to disappear.

These Petpets are the four types of ghosts that you will encounter in Ghost Bopper. Once you become familiar with each one, defeating them should be a breeze. Now, what good is a game if there are no items to go along with it? Be warned, there is one item in particular that wants to prevent you from proceeding any further.

Items Description

Treasure Chest
Worth 10 Points

For reasons unknown, treasure chests occasionally reveal themselves to you. Be quick enough to smack them open and you'll be racking up points in no time.

Worth 20 Points

Coins disappear as quickly as they appear. Managing to whack one of them will improve your score by 20 points.

Gain a Life

Hearts are probably the most sought after item in any game. Collecting a heart will increase your life by one. Note that you can have a maximum of 10 hearts in all. Hearts collected with full life will not count.


Broken bone creates a huge mess, and accidentally coming into contact with one of these will result in losing a heart.


Who would want to harm a Neopet anyway? Smacking the poor lost Kacheek will take away one of your hearts.

Tips and Strategies

Ghost Bopper is a straightforward game that doesn't take too much time or strategy. Each level does get progressively more difficult though, so don't expect a top score on your first go.

  • Whenever the keys rotate, try rotating your keyboard in order to match the direction. This can prove to be hard with laptops, as they have built-in keyboards.
  • Many computers have the option to rotate the screen view. While holding ctrl+alt, press the arrow keys. the down key flips the view upside down, the up key puts it back to normal, and the left and right keys rotate it 90 degrees in that direction.
  • To prevent any distractions, turn off the sound. Losing a heart will treat you to an ear-piercing scream that is not only creepy, but incredibly annoying as well.
  • Do not stall while hitting ghosts. Letting a ghost get past you depletes your health by one heart.
  • Relax! Take breaks in between levels if need be.


Ghost Bopper is an overall decent game. It is a quick game that doesn't take much effort to earn Neopoints from, and it also can get one into the Halloween spirit, no matter what the month!

Written by Ian
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