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Freaky Factory is a moderatly easy game where you have to drop blobs of liquid Kreludite, the main and only ingredient in the miniatures you make, into the vat of the same color. You play as a factory worker at Krelufun Industries, owned by Virtupets, Inc, the corporate arm of Sloth's empire who has to keep the toys coming and keep the Grundo Thief from getting them.

Instructions and Controls

To drop a blob (or Power-up or getting rid of the Grundo Thief for that matter) just click on it, using your mouse. Different angles are needed for blobs going at different speeds, but after a game or two you get used to it.

Here is an overview of your game screen:

  • Clock - This indicates how much time is available during the game. It resets every level and using a Clock blob will also add to your current time.
  • Kreludite Blobs - These are what you need to click on to fill up your Kreludite Vats to make your plushies.
  • Kreludite Vats - Dropping the correct colored blob into their corresponding vats will increase the Kreludite level. Having enough Kreludite in them will process the plushie in the Queue.
  • Queue - This indicates what plushie needs to be made and how much Kreludite is needed to complete it.
  • Mess Meter - Every time a blob does not land in its correct vat, misses the vat entirely, or does not hit the Grundo Thief, it will add to the Mess Meter. Using a Cleaner Blob will decrease your mess. If the meter gets filled up, it's Game Over!
  • Grundo Thief - The Grundo Thief will be lurking your conveyor and steal your plushies. Clicking on him or dropping a blob on his head will temporarily keep him away, so watch out for him.
  • Plushie Conveyor - This is where your plushies will come out after being made. Making it to the end will add to your points. More plushies made consecutively will give you bonus points.

There are also several different Power-up blobs, each with different effects.

Angel blobs: Drop one of these blobs into a vat and it will completely fill it! Best if you need a lot of one color but have hit a dry spot of blobs.
Clock blobs: Simply click on one of these, and you get more time!
Cleaner blob: This Power-Up will clear up some of the mess you have made, lowering your Mess Meter.
Radioactive blob: These blobs will upgrade every toy on the conveyor belt, getting you more points!
Speedy blobs: These blobs make the conveyor belt go faster. They are very helpful if you're low on time and need more toys.
Ice blobs: The ice blobs are the opposite of the Speedy ones, and will make the conveyor belt move more slowly.
Hyper blob: This awesome blob will fully refill your vats to the top!

There are blobs that you do NOT want to get, no matter what. They look like normal blobs, but they've mutated and have a slightly evil look to them, and are sometimes drooling. These will only cause a huge mess, and won't help you at all, so don't click on them.

Now, moving on to scoring. It's simple enough - keep your vats filled to fill the required amount for the current plushie you need. Different pets and colors are worth different amounts.

Tips and Strategies

Try to get the Grundo Thief away especially when you are nearing filling up your vats and processing plushies. He will be persistent, so watch out especially when you have rainbow plushies.

Always go for the Radioactive Blob when possible and you have a lot of plushies on the conveyor belt. This will help your score with very little effort.

Used at the right time, Ice blobs can increase your consecutive bonus, but that also means the plushies are in the path of the Grundo thief longer. It can be very helpful at early levels when you can keep an eye out for the Grundo Thief.

In later levels, the game will try and keep you from filling your vats by not releasing enough Kreludite Blobs of the current require color for your plushies. To counter this, make sure even the smallest blobs are getting into those vats. Angel blobs will be extremely helpful during these levels.

Additionally, if an Angel Blob hits one of the plushies currently on the conveyor belt, it gets a little halo and will be worth more points!

Extra Stuff

There are four AIM icons from this game!

Speed | Soap | Radioactive | Angel


The guide was long, so I'll keep this short. Just keep practicing and try not to make a mess. Once you manage to get the hang of it, you'll get the avatar, and maybe a high score, in no time!

Written by animetriplicate and Kaie
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