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Let's face it - everybody loves potato counting. As such, Extreme Potato Counter should be an absolute breeze. Basically, potatoes fly into your screen, and you count them!

You know, I make it sound a lot more fun that it actually is.


In order to continue with this guide, you must be able to distinguish between something that is not a potato, and something that is. Please only play if you have this prior knowledge.

When start is pressed, potatoes immediately start flying - be prepared. The first level starts off with small numbers of potatoes, and they fly quite slowly. As in most games, the game gets harder - with more, speedy potatoes - as it goes on. Obstructions - other vegetables - are introduced around level three.

After each 'round' - that is, when potatoes stop flying - a screen comes up with a box where a guess can be inputted. This screen is timed, as after a 15 second delay, the game is automatically over. If a rest break were to be taken, the screen after, which informs you of your current score, is the right one, as there is no time limit on that.

Perhaps the only legitimate tip for EPC is to play it in fullscreen - so that potatoes take more time to fly across, and thus give you more time to count them. With that said, though, it is important that a single potato is not followed around the screen, as this will often distract and disturb your count. Focus your attention only on edges of the screen, so you don't double count potatoes.

The game is over when an incorrect guess is submitted.


It is fair to say that Extreme Potato Counter is an extremely easy game. Not much effort is involved in achieving high scores, just darting eyes, a bit of luck, and the ability to count past fifty.

Written by Eric
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