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In this simple game, you could win thousands, or lose hundreds. This popular pastime, brought to you by King Roo of Roo Island , consists of rolling a die to hopefully progress to the next, and ultimately aim to win a jackpot. There is a 5 NP fee for each time you play the game, and the jackpot is usually collected at around 8,000 NP.

How to Play

The game is played by rolling a die. Depending on the symbol on the front of your die, you may be able to progress to the next die. You can also pick up a series of prizes on the way, which you can choose to collect, ending the game, or gamble by continuing; once you receive an item though, it's yours to keep. There are 5 differently colored dice, and 7 possible outcomes for each die, depending on how far into the game you are; the last die is the mystical jackpot die.

Red Die Blue Die Green Die Yellow Die Silver Die

The first die is the red die. By playing this die, you can only win a very minimal amount of Neopoints: 1 or 2 at a time. The second die, the blue die, provides a few more Neopoints than its predecessor. The third green die allows you to win items, plus a much more reasonable amount of NP. The fourth die, the yellow die, gives out Neggs, Faeries, and other cool items! And finally, the silver die gives you a chance to win the jackpot!

The symbols on the front of the dice also show what happened that turn. Most of the symbols can appear on a die of any color.

Symbol Description
Nothing happens
Adds Neopoints to your pot
Lose a random amount of Neopoints from the pot
Skull and Crossbones
Skull and Crossbones
A 50% chance of Game Over
A 50% chance to progress on to the next die
Win an item
Question Mark
Question Mark
A random event: lose Neopoints, gain pet stats, or get attacked by the Pant Devil
Win the Jackpot (Silver die only)


There really isn't a strategy; the game is entirely based on luck. If you want to try for the jackpot, just keep gambling until you either lose or win the jackpot. If you want to try to make Neopoints, set a limit for yourself that you collect the jackpot whenever it reaches that limit. Play until you lose several times to figure out where you want that limit to be, based on how risky you want to play.

Random Events During the Game

Dice-a-Roo is a great game to play if you're trying to get a random event such as the Angry Tax Beast or a Battledome challenger like the Black Pteri.

Don't forget, the Pant Devil can strike during this game. For that reason, you should put any expensive items in your Safety Deposit Box before you start. (It's a good idea to do this anyway, of course).

In addition, you can also gain Advisor Broo, the evil counselor to the King, as a Battledome opponent, with a difficulty of 130!

During the game, you'll notice some Blumaroos shouting out various statements as you play. They're always there, and have no influence on the game, unless they amuse you so much that you can't think straight. :) Here's what they can say:


A passing Blumaroo says...

  • 'A Blumaroo is a fun, clean pet, so adopt one today!'
  • 'Do you know that you can earn loads of cool stuff by referring friends?'
  • 'I think you can win faeries from this game :)'
  • 'Please stop the Monocerous from eating all my friends :('
  • 'Take the money! Take the money!'
  • 'This job is so much better than being a bingo ball'
  • 'My tail hurts!'
  • 'Boing!'
  • 'Blumaroos love Nachos. I bet you didn't know that!'
  • '1,208 is such a lot of Neopoints!' (The amount of Neopoints changes with the amount of the jackpot.)
  • 'Tra la la!'
  • 'Have you heard about the sixth dice - it's a secret!'
  • 'I'm hungry!'
  • 'Have you got a homepage for your pet yet???'
  • 'Put a NeoBadge on your site!'


Dice-a-Roo is a pure Luck and Chance game. You might win a little and lose lots, or you just might get lucky and win the jackpot! Please note: due to its gambling nature, you must be at least 13 years old to play this game.

Written by Samuel & Lamppost
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