Destruct-O-Match II

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Destruct-O-Match II (the first is in the Graveyard) is a Tyrannian puzzle game. The object is to get rid of as many of the boulders as possible. It's a simple game, not to mention the most popular, with no time limit.

Controls and Instructions

All you have to do is click on boulders of the same color that are touching. As you move through the levels, more colors are added to the basic green, blue, orange, and gray. There are six symbol boulders:

Fill Boulder- Fill boulders add a new row of boulders to the top of your game.

Multiplier Boulder- Multiplier boulders multiply the points you get from that set by three.

Morph and Indestructible Boulders- Morph boulders have a 15-second time limit in which you must get rid of them or they will turn into indestructible boulders, which can only be removed by fire boulders.

Fire Boulders- Fire boulders will destroy all of the boulders around them. Be careful when you use these, as you don't want to get rid of a multiplier on accident.

Overkill Boulders- Overkill boulders will get rid of all of the boulders on screen of the same color.

You will never get any two different symbol boulders of the same color on one level, and you can will only get one of each per round. Their appearances get less common as the game progresses, but you will always get at least one.

Tips and Strategies

The more boulders you group together in order to destroy, the more points you earn. This only happens when you take out 4 or more boulders.

When you fail to destroy the morph boulder and it's connected to boulders the same color as it is, they will all turn into indestructible boulders. Try to get these out of the way as soon as possible.

When you use the overkill boulder, take note that you will only get points for destroying the group of boulders with the overkill (ie. destroy the blue overkill with only one blue boulder, you only get two points.)

When you use the fill boulder, only boulders of the colors still available when you drop down. Destroy this as late into the round as possible.

Lastly, try to clear out the entire level or leave up to 4 boulders uncleared at most. They'll give you bonus points if you have 4 boulders maximum uncleared.

Extra Stuff

There are two codes for this game:

Type this while on the mode select screen (the one where you choose from normal, zen, and extreme settings) and you can play the original version of the game and still get points. This code doesn't work anymore, all you will get is a screen with a background... nothing else is loading.

This will get rid of all the blocks of one color. A lot like the overkill boulder, but this is random, so it's probably best if you wait until you use up the multiplier boulder just to make sure you don't loose it.

We've had an e-mail regarding cheats, also:

My username is ixcryxcrimsonxtears. On the cheats for Destruct-O-Match II, the cheat destroyboulders can also be used for something else. On a level of that game where you clear ALL boulders off the screen, wait for the points screen to come up. Then type in the code and you get an *extra* 250 points. I've done it several times. But be aware if you clear all boulders on a level, but lose the game on that level for not enough points, the code will not work.

And another tip from Dracavia;

You can also use the destroyboulders code on the point screen when there are boulders there, it functions the same way it does during a level and the bonus is recalculated. So if you have just one boulder left you can use the code and still get 250. If you have two boulders, one will go and you'll get 200 and so on.

One more;

If you type "destroyboulders" (no quotes) AFTER clicking the question mark, it destroys more boulders and also sends down a rain of new ones.


Overall, this is a simple game with a neat avvie (which I still can't get...) that any and everyone can play. Just make sure you don't accidentally destroy your multiplier boulders and get rid of the morphers before they turn into indestructibles.

Written by Ian
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