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690 pts :: 1000 NP


If you can't beat the Defenders of Neopia opponents, do not fear! You can train to be a defender without any battle skills whatsoever. All you need is cat-like reflexes and a vast knowledge of Neopia.

Controls & Instructions

You will be presented pets, petpets, items, or a mixture of all three on a grid. The size of the grid depends on the difficulty: 2x2 for easy, 2x3 for medium, or 3x3 for hard.

You have to shoot the pictures using your mouse to aim and the left mouse button to fire before time runs out. Shoot the target which corresponds to what the box at the bottom asks for.

You begin with three lives and lose one with each wrong shot. The game will reward you with extra lives intermittently, just make sure you don't hit zero or you'll lose!

Tips & Strategies

Here's a little overview of the screen:

Based on the question in this case, you should shoot the Blumaroo in the bottom right square. Questions can be, for example, which name starts with a certain letter, anagrams of names, longest name, or the name that is NOT one of those.

Pay attention to what is asked! The game can ask which picture isn't a certain thing in any round at any time. Hit any picture that is not what it says for those questions.

The pictures on the grid aren't always straightforward. They can be silhouettes, smaller than usual, swap around, or a combination of these. Play in normal mode or high quality so you'll be able to see the small images. If the images are swapping around, be careful to click quickly after a switch so they don't swap on you as you're clicking.

Extra Stuff

If you click Judge Jog's left pupil on the Start screen, the normal firing sound when you click is replaced with the infamous laugh of The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy.


This game is all about practice and familiarity with the set of pictures that come up on the grid. This game may not help you in the Battledome, but it's a good place for those lacking any Battledome ability to still make Judge Hog and the rest of the Defenders of Neopia team proud.

Written by Matt
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