Darigan Dodgeball

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In Darigan Dodgeball, we play a rather gruesome game of dodgeball at the Darigan Citadel. It is your job to play as a Darigan Kiko dodging for survival. How long can you play before you get hit?

Controls & Instructions

When the game starts, you will see the four dodgeballs as well as the Kiko. To start the game, place your cursor over the Kiko and hold down the left mouse button. The dodgeballs will now start to move, and the Kiko moves with your cursor. As the game goes on, the balls move faster and faster. Dodge for as long as you can, because your score rises with your time. In order to find out your score, multiply your time by 100.

As previously mentioned, there are four dodgeballs. Touching these is one of the three ways the game will end. One other way to end the game is to touch the edge of the game screen. The other way to die is to let go of the Kiko. The left mouse button must be held down for the whole game. Avoid these game-ending scenarios, and watch your score rise quickly!

Tips & Strategies

A great strategy to use in Darigan Dodgeball is to pay close attention to the dodgeballs. You can easily guess where a dodgeball will go when it bounces off of the sides, so you should know where the dodgeballs will be next. If you can master the skill of planning instead of acting on impulse, you will surely take a trophy!

You need to remember when playing Darigan Dodgeball that size matters. Whether it be the size of the Kiko or the size of the dodgeballs, it is an important factor of the game. The size of the dodgeballs is essential because you need to know where you can go through when you are about to get hit. If the biggest dodgeball is approaching one of the other big dodgeballs, you would obviously not be able to squeeze through the space. However, you may be able to go past the smallest dodgeball approaching the next smallest. You need to know the size of the Kiko for the same reason. If you need to make a quick movement, there might be more than one option. When you have memorized the size of the Kiko, making this desicion can be easier.

If you are having trouble playing the game, you might want to switch browsers. If you have an extra browser on your computer, this would be highly recommended. In different browsers the game may play differently, which may have effects as great as doubling your score.

One of the key attributes of Darigan Dodgeball is concentration. No matter what, you should be focused on playing the game. This means that you shouldn't look at your timer. Looking at the timer could cause you to lose concentration and lose the game. Keep your eye on the game. The only things you should be looking at is your position and the position of the balls.


You might have thought at first glance that Darigan Dodgeball was just an Ice Cream Machine ripoff. If you give the game a chance, it can be much more than that. It is a great game of reflexes and control, and can easily be called one of the easier game of neopets.

Written by Noog
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