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NP Ratio: 1.32
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In Cooty Wars you play as a commander and your goal is to shoot the pesky Mootix paratroopers out of the sky before they even hit the ground. The skills required for this game are rather simple: point and shoot. If you have good aim and you know how to click a mouse button, you should be able to master this game relatively quickly!

Controls & Instructions

Move your mouse around the screen to aim for the paratrooper's parachutes. Not only can you aim with your mouse but sometimes paratroopers will appear slightly off the screen; move your mouse to pan left and right. Finally, to fire, click your left mouse button. Pretty simple so far, huh?

Points & Scoring

You can get between one and ten points per parachute. If you shoot a parachute too soon, you will get less points (as it has only been in the air for a few milliseconds, so it's not that hard to hit). However, if you let parachutes descend a little bit, when you shoot it, they will be worth more points. So basically, the longer you wait, the more points the parachute will be worth. At the beginning levels you can afford to let parachutes go down pretty far before shooting them, but this is not recommended in the higher levels of the game, as the parachutes descend faster and you can easily lose them.

Randomly throughout the game, petpetpets will appear onscreen. Be sure to try and shoot them because they are helpful bonuses (but don't let too many Mootixes get away from you in the process though). There are three kinds of petpetpets that will appear: Moquot, Lightmite, and Squippit. Here are the various effects that they will have on the game:

Petpetpet Effect

Bonus points are added to your score.

Freezes all paratroopers on screen for a few seconds.

Hits all paratroopers on screen if their parachutes are already open.

Tips & Strategy

Like I said, this game is basically point and shoot, but there is something that has been extremely beneficial to me while playing this game. When a Mootix appears onscreen, move your mouse over to the Mootix immediately, but point your mouse slightly below the head of the Mootix. The reason why is because you're not aiming for the Mootix itself, you're aiming for the parachute which will appear slightly below the head. So, by doing this, you're setting yourself up for a good hit. :) Also, as the Mootix descends, move your mouse down. Finally, when you think it's the right time to shoot -- SHOOT! -- and collect your points for that hit.

Another strategy consists to aim at the feet of the bug as soon as it appears on the screen and ot wait for the parachute to turn red before shooting. This strategy works best in early levels and can get you a few extra points.

Other than that, you need to have good hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, and always be watching for where the next Mootix appears onscreen. But the basic concept is still the same: point and shoot. If you can get this down, you will be fine.


In the end, this is a very simple game. Keep practicing! Eventually you'll get faster and faster and will be able to survive longer in the game. The longer you survive, the more NP you will end up receiving! Good luck, commander!

Written by Ian
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