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I see you like to cook! Do you think you can keep up with me?


You get to be a chef! Yay! The goal of this game is to prepare and cook a certain number of foods as required by each level. You can even earn bonuses to help you along the way!

Controls & Instructions

This game is controlled by the mouse, which you use to click on ingredients, drag them to the cooking pots, and then place the cooked food on serving plates. It is not as complicated as it seems at first, and with a little practice you should be able to move things around quickly and efficiently.

Where everything is on the game screen

Complete process, from customer's ordering to customer happy:

  1. Customer orders food
    • You have nothing to do with this part, and you don't have to worry about figuring out what ingredients make what dishes; you will be shown what ingredients to use.
  2. You receive order from waiter
    • The waiter, and the orders from him (there will be two orders at a time), will both glow with the same color. Pay attention to this and work on one waiter's orders at a time.
  3. Mix ingredients
    • The food will require one or two ingredients; pay attention to the color of the bowls in the pictures and not the ingredients themselves!
  4. Cook ingredients
    • Once the ingredient(s) you need are in the pan, it will automatically start cooking. The length of time it will take to cook is the number marked on the pan.
    • While the food is cooking, make sure all your ingredients are mixed, and order more of them if neccessary.
  5. Serve cooked food
    • You must move food from the pans to the dishes as soon as possible or else the food will burn and you will have to start over again.
    • Both foods that the waiter is waiting on should be served at about the same time, as one food might spoil if the other takes too much time to cook.
  6. Season food
    • You have only a few seconds to add the seasoning to served foods before they are taken away. This step is not required, but makes a huge difference in score, as adding it will double your points for that successful order.
  7. Waiter takes food to customer
    • Taadaa! If you did everything correct, the waiter delivers the food, and you receive points!

Tips & Strategies

Level 1-3

The early levels are fairly simple, and will even walk you through the process at the beginning of the game. Ignore what the Flotsam chef says, he will just praise you if you do a good job, or speak his disappointment if you fail.

Matching ingredients with their correct pans

On these levels, only one waiter at a time will request foods. You should look at two things as soon as possible- the colors of the bowls in the bubble above the pans, and the number next to the pans. The first tells you which ingredients to click on to mix, and the other tells you how long the food will take to cook. Mix the ingredients, and add them to the pan that will take longer first, and then the other pan.

Keeping your ingredients mixed

If you have enough time while they are cooking, you should click on each of the five ingredient bowls to have them mixed and ready to go. As soon as both pans are done cooking, and you should have timed them to finish at about the same time to prevent burning, drag each food onto a serving plate. Immediately after, drag the little orange spice shaker (on the left of the counter) over the served foods to season them. This step is not required but will increase the points you earn. The food is then served and you move on to the next order.

Level 4-8

How to tell which waiter wants which foods

On these levels, two waiters at a time will request foods. My recommendation is to choose one waiter at a time to prepare foods for. Nothing bad will happen if a waiter is left waiting a long time. So at this point, you should also start paying attention to the importance of matching colors. A waiter will have a glowing color around his picture, around the pans that are waiting for his foods, and finally, around the plates waiting for his foods.

Keeping your ingredients stocked

When you run out of ingredients, you will have to order more. You always have the "Regular" option available, which is FREE but slow. The other option is "Express", which is fast but costs you points.

Level 9 and beyond

At this point, you should have the game pretty well figured out. The game just gets tougher by speeding up, and requesting duplicate foods. As long as you pay attention to all of your color matching and the cooking times on your foods, things should progress smoothly. Accept boosts for your mixing speed (the button will say "Prepare Faster") when it is offered to you. At the beginning of each round, as soon as you have some food cooking, you could hit the Focus button to slow down the clock for a short time. Start paying more attention to how much time you have left; the clock starts warning you when there is 15 seconds left.


With practice, this game gets to be really exciting as you try to whip up gourmet foods as fast as possible. May the best chef win!

Written by Ian
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