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When the Colosseum of Altador is not being used for the yearly Altador Cup, it plays host to many other contests and tournaments. One of these events is the Chariot Chase, a tournament where seven Alabriss-drawn chariots compete against one another for victory in a race of endurance.

Controls & Instructions

There are four colors of Alabriss to choose from: White, Fire, Faerie, and Electric. The colors have no effect on the game beyond looking pretty.

The arrow keys control the chariot as it loops around the figure-eight track. The up arrow key accelerates the chariot while the left and right arrow keys control direction. To slow down, simply release the up arrow key.

There are four power-ups you can encounter on the track; three are helpful and one is VERY unhelpful. You pick up a power-up by driving over it.

Power Up Effect
Cloud: Makes you faster and invincible.
Sun Token: Temporary burst of invincibility.
Clock: Gives you an advantage over the other racers by slowing them down.
Dung: AVOID the smelly dung at all cost. It makes you dizzy and slows you down.

Tips & Strategies

Despite calling itself a race, this is more a test of maneuverability than of speed. You begin the game with four lives, which can only be lost by colliding with other chariots. There is NO time limit; the game continues as long as you have at least one life remaining. Therefore it is important to be careful on the track at all times, and to focus less on your speed than on avoiding the surrounding chariots. Below are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always play in normal mode; you get the same amount of points as you would in a hard mode.
  • Only FULL laps count in the game, so avoid taking detours unless they're necessary to avoid a collision OR will give you access to one of the helpful power-ups.
  • Score = (number of laps)x100 + (seconds)x10*. The seconds are a bonus that are only added when the total number of seconds is less than or equal to the laps x 10.
  • Every racer has their own predetermined lap that they run EVERY time. Memorizing these paths can be extremely useful, especially if you want to pass in tight quarters. (For instance, green always turns sharply left after the intersection.)*
  • Slamming into the edge of the track will NOT cost a life, but it will slow the chariot down and make you vulnerable to the other racers.
  • Pay attention to the other chariot racers and counter their behavior so it is easier to avoid them. If they are sticking to the inside edge, stay on the outside and vice versa.
  • Do not hesitate to slow the chariot down and let other racers pass by, especially at the intersection. It could save your life. (Or one of them, at least.)
  • Maintaining the same speed as the chariots around you will make collisions much less likely to occur. This may mean slowing down every few seconds.
  • If you have the Sun Token or Cloud power up, stay close to the inside edge of the track to cover as much ground as possible while the power-up is active. Once the power up begins to wear off, start paying attention to where the other chariots are and keep your distance from them.


Although the Chariot Races don't draw quite as much of a crowd as the exciting matches of Yooyuball that the Colosseum usually hosts, they can be great fun for the skilled racer, and earn a nice chunk of NP.

*Thanks to ParanormalVendetta for sending us this info!

Written by Xepha & Meeptroid
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