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Bumble Beams is a simple yet challenging game where you have to guide various robot petpets that are lost in the Recycling Center by tilting beams to get them back to safety in a recycling bin.

If you happen to take a liking to these petpets, you can pick one up at the RoboPet Shop in the Virtupets Space Station.



Roburg RT3


How To Play

The controls for this game are really easy! All you need to use is your left and right arrow keys to control the beams.

While the game sounds simple, there are five types of beams that come will appear in various sizes throughout the game.

Types of Beams

Light Beam
This type is beam is fairly easy to maneuver the petpet on and is fairly neutral in terms of speed.

Normal Beam
This type of beam moves more quickly and returns to its ‘resting’ position faster than light blue beams do.

Metal Beam
Once a petpet hits this beam, it will automatically start to tilt. It has a slower reaction time than the other beams.

Wooden Beam
This is the trickiest of beams as a petpet landing on it will cause the beam to tilt; however, it will only tilt one way. You can stop the beam from tilting in the direction the petpet is falling by holding the opposite directional key. To have the petpet fall, simply release the key and the petpet will return to falling in the original position.

Exploding Beam
This beam will explode if you remain on it for too long, sending your petpet flying into the air. Once launched, you no longer have control of the petpet and it landing safely into a bin is… up in the air.

Bonus Points

For each petpet that you successfully put in a bin, you will be awarded 5 points. If you are able to land the petpet directly in the middle of the bin, you will get 15 points!

You can earn bonus points by collecting yellow and red stars. You may also encounter mini Roburgs along the way. Collecting them will also award you bonuses.

Bonus Points
Adds a bonus three points.
Adds a bonus ten points.
Adds a petpet to your ‘safe’ total.
Adds 3 ‘saved’ pepets to your total which appear as bonus points once the level has ended.

Tips & Strategies

While being perhaps the most simple game since Splat-a-Sloth, it's best you get an explanation of what's going on:

Since petpets will always fall from the top, it is best to pick a path of least resistance and continue to drop petpets along that same path each time. Not only will this help you time the petpets accurately, as well as control the beams with precision, it will also line up binned petpets so you do not have to attempt to balance a beam while waiting for an empty bin to appear along the conveyor belt.

If a petpet falls in a precarious spot, and you think you are in trouble, you can roll a petpet off the left or right side of the map as there is a good chance it will land in a bin that is off-screen.

Achieving the 15 points by landing a petpet directly in the center isn’t as difficult as it sounds. When a petpet is on the edge of a beam and near a bin, simply tap the opposite direction key and the petpet should fall straight down off the beam into the center of the bin.

The game features three types of “maps”. As the game progresses, beams will become smaller, the conveyor belt will speed up and petpets will become smarter, giving you grief by moving around more rapidly.


Bumble Beams is a fun yet challenging game once you become familiar with the beams! This game often appears in site events that involve flash games, and the score is easy to achieve if you aim for the stars, mini-Roburgs as well as landing petpets in the middle of the bin! Special thanks to Maywish for the additional tips.

Written by heartbreak
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