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Krawk Island is well-known for its pirates, who sail the seas of Neopia in search of treasure. Black Pawkeet Slots allows Neopians (who are over the age of 13) to join in on the hunt for the Jackpot, which is said to contain large sums of Neopoints. Are you up to the task?

Controls & Instructions

Use the mouse to place a wager by clicking on a button in the rows of buttons labeled "Bet" and "Lines." Then click the button labeled "Play" to start a new round of slots. Note: You can only spin 250 times per day!

Bet: You can select how many Neopoints you want to bet for each line. Six betting options are available: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50 NP. The payout of a winning line is determined based on the bet. For example, a specific winning combination might pay out 5:1 (read "five to one"). If you bet 2 NP, you'll win 2 * 5 = 10 NP, but if you bet 50 NP, you'd win 50 * 5 = 250 NP.

Lines: The reels have nine different lines that can be chosen. If the icons on the reels match along these lines, then you win Neopoints. The chance of winning depends on the number of lines chosen. In the screenshot above, each colored line represents one of the lines along which you want the pictures to line up. For example, there are three bronze coins aligned on the periwinkle line, which is Line 6. This spin would win only if 6 or more lines were bet on.

The total wager is determined by multiplying the bet per line by the number of lines. For example, a bet of 5 NP on 4 lines means that 20 NP will be paid before each round of slots.

The red button on the far right of the Bet buttons, labeled "Max Bet," will automatically choose a bet of 50 Neopoints on all 9 lines. When using Max Bet, 450 NP is required per spin.

The table below explains the payouts of each icon.

Slot Two Three Four Five
Bronze Dubloon
Bronze Dubloon
0 10:1 15:1 25:1
Silver Dubloon
Silver Dubloon
0 15:1 25:1 50:1
Gold Dubloon
Gold Dubloon
0 25:1 50:1 100:1
Treasure Map
Treasure Map
1:1 10:1 50:1 250:1
3:1 30:1 150:1 750:1
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship
4:1 40:1 200:1 1,000:1
Pirate Krawk
Pirate Krawk
5:1 50:1 250:1 1,250:1
Treasure Pile
Treasure Pile*
10:1 100:1
(Bonus NP or a Dubloon)
(Bonus NP or a Dubloon)
(Bonus NP or a Dubloon)

*In addition to winning Neopoints from lines of treasure piles, you can win if they are scattered across the reels. Having three or more scattered treasure piles at once will randomly award you with 250 NP, 500 NP, 1,000 NP, or a Dubloon.

Black Pawkeet Flag Black Pawkeet Flag: This flag acts as a wild card by substituting for almost any other icon. For example, obtaining four Bronze Dubloons and one Pawkeet Flag will award the same payout as five Bronze Dubloons.

Pawkeet Pawkeet: Pawkeets are used as multipliers, meanaing they could double, triple, or quintuple the current winnings. The number of Pawkeets on the reel determines the multiplier: three Pawkeets multiply the winnings by 2, four Pawkeets multiply by 3, and five Pawkeets multiply by Five. Note: You must have a winning line in order for the multiplier to be activated.

Treasure Chest Treasure Chest: Acquiring five Treasure Chests in a line will award the Jackpot. The Jackpot, shown above the reels, is a large sum of Neopoints usually ranging from 100,000 NP to over 1 million NP. Also, the Treasure Chest is a limited wild card: it will serve as a wild card if it is in the left-most reel or if only wild card icons (Pawkeets or other Treasure Chests) are to the left of it.

Tips & Strategy

There is no great strategy for Black Pawkeet Slots because it is entirely luck. However, there are helpful tips to keep in mind while playing.

Using the Max Bet for every spin increases the chance of winning as well as any payouts. Unfortunately, this requires 450 NP per spin, which can quickly drain Neopoints on hand if a winning streak is hard to come by.

For those who are short on Neopoints or simply don't want to bet the Max Bet, it is more beneficial to decrease the bet rather than the lines. Betting on all 9 lines makes it much more likely to obtain winning combinations and potentially the Jackpot.

Extra Stuff

Along with the trophies for those who have been lucky enough to win the Jackpot, there is also a set of trophies for those who have been not as fortunate with the slots. These "Biggest Losers" trophies are awarded to users that have spent the most Neopoints on Black Pawkeet Slots.


Black Pawkeet Slots is a great way to earn Neopoints, but it also a great way to lose them as well. The addicting quality of the game can leave you playing for hours on end (as long as you have the Neopoints to do so, of course). With a large Jackpot to consider, the risk can be worth it.

Written by Ian & Lamppost
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