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Bilge Dice is a gambling game located in Krawk Island. It is one of the few gambling games from which you can get a steady income. If you do really well, you might even earn yourself two trophies, two avatars, and a big bag of NP!

Controls & Instructions

To start the game, you roll six dice. Once rolled, you have the option of "keeping" as many of the dice as you want before rolling again. After each roll, you must keep at least one die. You continue rolling until all six dice are kept. The object is to obtain a 1 and a 4 to qualify for the round, and have a higher score on the rest of your kept dice than the other three players on their dice. If you do not have the 1 and 4, you do not qualify and will lose the round.

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Before the start of each round, you choose the ante, or the amount you are wagering. If you lose the round, you lose the number of NP in your ante. But if you win, you win the entire pot, earning three times the ante as profit. The maximum ante starts at 10 NP, but as you win more games, the maximum ante increases up to 1000 NP a game! The table below shows the number of cumulative wins required to reach a higher ante.

Wins Max Ante
0 10 NP
0 50 NP
10 100 NP
50 500 NP
150 1000 NP

You can also unlock a 200 NP ante by having a 4-win streak.

There is a 5,000 NP daily limit on your total winnings. Once you reach 5,000 NP or more in total winnings, you can no longer gain NP from the game for the day. However, if you choose your antes wisely, it is possible to win up to 7,990 NP a day!

Tips and Strategies

Winning a Round

Many beginning players assume that the best strategy is to get the 1 and 4 qualifiers as soon as possible. You do need these, as you do not qualify without them. However, in order to maximize your chances of winning, you should wait before using up the 1 and 4 slots.

For example, let's say that on your first roll, you roll a 1, 4, and four other low numbers. You keep the 1 and 4 and continue rolling. Now, for the rest of this round, you must keep one die after every roll, no matter how low it may be, and it will count towards your score. If you roll all 1's, 2's, and 3's on a future roll, you will be forced to keep a 3. However, had you not kept the 1 in the first roll, you could keep the 1 in your low roll and not have a low number like 3 count in your score.

Here are some suggested strategies for common situations in Bilge Dice:

Situation Advice
No 6'sKeep either a 1 or 4 if available. If not, take the highest number.
One 6Keep the 6 and roll again.
Two 6'sKeep both 6's and one of either the 1 or 4 if they are available. If not, make sure you keep one on the next roll (it's very unlikely that you will get neither).
Three or more 6'sIf both the 1 and 4 are available, take them as well as all 6's. If not, take two 6's and a 1 or 4 if either is available.

Of course, there are many more possible situations not listed above, but this should give you some idea of whether or not you should keep a 1 or 4.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind while playing:

  • Always keep the 4 first rather than the 1 if you have the choice. If you get no high numbers later on, being able to keep the 1 and not count it towards your score is an advantage.
  • If at any point you can get a score of 22+, you should take it. 21 isn't bad either, and should be taken unless your opponents have high scores.
  • Watch your opponents' scores, especially before the last roll. If keeping a 2 guarantees that you win, take it!
  • Don't give up! It's possible to win with scores as low as 15 and 16. The only time you should give up is if you can't possibly catch up to your opponent's scores.

Earning 7,990 NP A Day

Once you earn at least 5,000 NP in one day from Bilge Dice, you will not win any additional NP from the game that day. However, if you play your antes right, you can earn up to 7,990 NP in one day.

To do this, first play a game with a 10 NP ante and lose, making your total winnings -10 NP. Next, play with 1,000 NP as ante to get your winnings to exactly 4,990 NP - purposely losing along the way if you have to. Finally, play a game with 1000 ante and win, earning a total of 7,990 NP.

Remember, as soon as your daily winnings reach at least 5,000 NP, your games will no longer count for NP. That's why it's important to make sure you reach 4,990 NP exactly if you want to reach the true maximum daily winnings.

If you just want to make some NP, you may want to aim to win 6k NP or more a day, since getting exactly 7,990 NP can take a long time. Remember, luck is a big factor in this game! Sometimes you will lose game after game, but if you keep playing and you are making the right decisions, your wins will eventually catch up with your losses.


Occasionally, the game will award you a bonus 1000 NP when you win on a 10 NP ante, resulting in a total win of 1040 NP. It happens randomly and does not affect anything other than the payout for that round. Enjoy your extra 1k!


There are two trophies for Bilge Dice: one for highest cumulative winnings over the month and one for the longest winning streak.

Cumulative Winnings
Winning Streak

If you are trying to get the trophy for the highest cumulative score, start by winning 7,990 NP on the first day of the month, and continue earning 7,990 NP each day until you get the trophy.

If you are trying to get the trophy for the longest winning streak, simply play game after game and hope that you get several wins in a row. Typically, you need 6-7 wins on the first day of a month to get a trophy.


Scoring 24

An avatar is randomly awarded if you score exactly 24 while playing Bilge Dice. To do this, you need to keep four 6's along with a 1 and a 4 for qualifiers. To have the best chances of doing this, aim to not keep a 1 or a 4 until you have already kept three 6's. If you use up the 1 and 4 spaces in the first roll, you will have to roll at least one 6 every time for the rest of the round to score 24. However, if you save the 1 and 4 spots, you will be able to use them when you don't roll a 6.

Using this strategy, you will win a lot fewer games because you will often not get the 1 and 4 qualifiers. Thus, it's a good idea to only bet 10 NP on each round. Plus, since you are betting low, you can lose on purpose and start over when you know you cannot score 24, saving you time.

Lucky Streak

There is an avatar that can be unlocked by racking up 10 wins in a row. This is nearly impossible, evidenced by the longest streaks on the High Score Table rarely reaching higher than 8. The Lucky Streak avatar is one of the rarest and hardest avatars to get.

If you are trying for a Lucky Streak, just keep playing. You may want to play conservatively to try to continue winning - but mostly it's just luck.


Bilge Dice has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for neopoints, trophies or avatars, you can get what you want here. The different strategies may make it look hard, but Bilge Dice a very simple game that is definitely worth trying out. Have fun, but don't get addicted now!

Written by Ian
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