Attack of the Gummy Dice

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Attack of the Gummy Dice is a unique take on an old game concept. Roo Island is under attack from groups of gummy dice disguising themselves as delicious dessert delicacies. Your job is to smash groups of the gummies that are all the same colour/flavour due to consistency differences. You must do this before they completely overrun the island!

Controls & Instructions

To destroy the gummy dice, group them together in combos of 5 or more dice. Sometimes, there's no alternative and a group of fewer than 5 has to be created.

Clusters of dice will appear at the top of the screen for you to drop. Use the S and A keys to rotate the group of dice clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively. Use the arrow keys to move the cluster around the grid. The guides at the top of the game board can help position your group, along with the placement guides on the game board.

There are six basic die colours. These are what you need to group into combos of five or more to destroy. There are also some dice that have special properties:

Special DieDescription

Bomb Die
Clears the entire column that the die lands on.

Morph Die
Turns all dice in the column to the color displayed on the top.

Rock Die
Can only be destroyed by a bomb die.

Guess who! It's Oliver! This die destroys the column it lands on as well as the 8 columns around it.

Cycling Die
This die cycles through the typical colours. It will stop cycling when it hits the column on which you drop it. Make sure you time your release right so you get the color you want.

Tips & Strategies

This is a game of strategy, and you'll have to develop one that works well for you. Here are a few general tips to get you started:

  • Get rid of tall towers. Unless they are at the back of the screen, tall towers of dice will block your view of dice behind them. Plus, blocks can randomly pop up from the bottom. This may cause your tower to hit the top of the screen, ending your game.
  • Use special dice wisely. Stone dice should be dropped as low as possible. Bomb, TPOSG, and morph dice should be dropped on the tallest towers to take full advantage of their effects.
  • Make large combos, especially in the beginning levels. Larger combos give more points.
  • Practice. If you've already sent your three scores for the day, try playing Zen mode to practice without any interruptions.
  • Choose the right keyboard setup. Because the game is angled to be able to see all the dice, it can sometimes be confusing which arrows move which direction. Click Setup on the main menu to choose a layout for your arrow keys. Pick the one that makes the most intuitive sense to you. You'll be dropping gummies all over the place otherwise.

Extra Stuff

There are quite a few special things thrown into this game.

Type gummydice to change the color of the dice waiting to be dropped. This cheat can only be used once, so it is rarely helpful. Be sure to save this in case you run across a time when you really need it.

Type delightful to change the dice waiting to be dropped into morph dice. Save this cheat until you have a lot of tall towers close together and you have a large group of active dice (four or five).

Type explode to change the dice waiting to be dropped into bomb dice. Again, save this cheat until you have a lot of tall towers and a large group of active dice.

When you are sending your score, click on the Blue Blumaroo's eyeball (the white part) to see a jelly covered Oliver pop up to say hello.


Attack of the Gummy Dice is a well-rounded puzzle game. It's not overly hard to get a good haul of Neopoints each day, but if you're going for the trophy, be prepared for a long game. It's best to try at the beginning of the month when scores reset, before other players have a chance to rack up huge scores. Usually, boredom is the hardest challenge if you're good enough to go for the trophy.

Written by Ryan
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