Avatar Solution: Virtually Alive

Listed below is the way to obtain the Virtually Alive avatar, along with its hexadecimal color codes and other related content.

Virtually Alive

Copy and paste the code TIME4SOC14L1SING into Grundo's Warehouse.


Categories: Miscellaneous
Release Date: May 22, 2024
Percent Have: 0.78%
Related Content: This avatar came from Neopets social media ARG.

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The Snowager
Next sleep in 2h, 19m, 55s.
Next Possible Wake
Jul 25: 4 AM/PM NST
Jul 26: 9 OR 10 AM/PM NST
Jul 27: 2 OR 11 AM/PM NST
Jul 28: 7 OR 8 AM/PM NST
Obelisk War: Battle
Next cycle: 0d, 12h, 19m
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Featured Band: Gruundo
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