Avatar Solution: Pink!

Listed below is the way to obtain the Pink! avatar, along with its hexadecimal color codes and other related content.


Feed your Pink Pet any item whose name contains the word "popcorn," such as "Buttered Popcorn." To get a pink pet, you can use a Pink Paint Brush, get a zap from the Lab Ray, use a morphing potion, or choose it from a Rainbow Faerie Quest.


Categories: Item, Pet
Release Date: March 9, 2005
Percent Have: 34.09%
Related Content: ALP 'Pink!' Lending Chain

Avatar Lending Program

This avatar is available through The Daily Neopets' Avatar Lending Program. Please visit this section for more information.

Items Needed: Buttered Popcorn
Estimated Cost: 2,000,000 (paint brush); 1,300 (popcorn) NP

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