Twisted Histories Adventure

After a year of time traveling, Zylphia is back only to discover that something has gone wrong. She needs our help opening up her Mystery Capsules to investigate these strange happenings.

While investigating the Twisted Histories Mystery Capsules, Zylphia noticed that the timelines have become tangled. Throughout her travels she discovered seven new Mystery Capsules that appear to be illustrating historical events that Zylphia does not recall studying. We need to open all seven of the capsules to help her discover what went wrong. Zylphia needs to repair the past before anyone finds out what has transpired.

Buying and Using the Twisted Histories Capsules

Each Twisted Histories Mystery Capsule will be released periodically between August 21, 2013 and September 23, 2013. These Capsules are Limited Edition and must be purchased in the time period stated underneath each capsule. In order to qualify for the bonus items, you must purchase AND open all seven capsules. If you trade for any capsule, you will not receive the bonus items. You do not need to purchase the capsules in any particular order, but keep in mind that they are only offered for a limited period of time! The first bonus item is awarded by purchasing all seven of the Twisted Histories Mystery Capsules. The second bonus NC item is awarded by opening all seven mystery capsules and receiving at least one limited edition item from each capsule. Only the limited edition items count towards this second NC bonus item.

The Twisted Histories Mystery Capsules can be purchased from the Mall using NC. Once purchased, simply go to your Inventory and open the capsule to receive your items. Hopefully you'll get one of the limited edition items within each capsule you open. To track your progress in this event you can visit the Twisted Histories main page.

You can participate in this Capsule Adventure on your side accounts as well as your main. For more information on this event please visit the FAQ.

Twisted Histories Capsules and Items

Sloths Victory Mystery Capsule
(August 21st - September 1st)

Triumph of Darigan Mystery Capsule
(August 26th - September 5th)

Floating Faerieland Mystery Capsule
(August 29th - September 8th)

Unscathed Maraqua Mystery Capsule
(September 3rd - September 14th)

Discovery of Wobbleshire Mystery Capsule
(September 6th - September 16th)

Lost Isle Tour Mystery Capsule
(September 9th - September 20th)

Reign of Coltzan Mystery Capsule
(September 12th - September 23rd)

Bonus Prize

Participants who received at least one limited edition prize from each of the seven different Twisted Histories Capsules also received the following prize.

Written by Mouseykins
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