Superpacks and Mini-Packs

What is a Pack?

A Superpack or Mini-Pack is quite simply a selected group of items that can be purchased together in the NC Mall. All of the items will reflect the theme of the pack, and each Superpack contains a special exclusive, limited edition item. A regular Superpack will contain six items, in addition to the bonus for a total of seven items, while Mini-Packs can contain three to five items, with some including an exclusive item and others not. Though it's called a "pack," when you buy it, you don't get the pretty box to open, all the items are simply added to your inventory. This can be important if you plan on trading one or all the items. You would need one gift box for each item the pack contains.

What makes a Pack different from a Mystery Capsule?

Though they both can award groups of items, there are quite a few differences between Packs and Mystery Capsules. The first and most obvious is the number of items you get. A Mini-Pack is guaranteed to contain at least three to five items while a Superpack is guaranteed to contain seven, and you'll know exactly how many items you're going to get before you purchase it. When you purchase a Mystery Capsule, you know you're only guaranteed to get at least one item. Secondly, Mystery Capsules have a random element that Packs do not have. Each and every Pack sold in the Mall will contain the exact same four or seven items, so you know exactly what you're getting. Mystery Capsules, on the other hand, award items randomly, whether it's a regular Capsule that awards mall items, or a special Capsule that awards random themed items. Lastly, when you buy a Superpack, you are guaranteed to get the limited edition item, whereas Mystery Capsules have a random chance of awarding their exclusive prizes. Mystery Caps and Packs can sometimes share items. Though the limited edition exclusive items from Packs are never made available anywhere else, the other items (the ones that can be purchased on their own in the mall) have known to be re-released through Mystery Capsules.

Why buy a Pack?

One of the great things about how Packs are set up is that most, if not all of the items contained in a pack can also be bought individually from the NC Mall. In a Superpack, six out of the seven items can be bought on their own, while most of the items released in Mini-Packs (with the exception of an occasional exclusive prize) can be bought separately. If you're only drawn to a couple of the items, you don't need to buy the whole pack. However, buying the Pack as a whole has three main advantages. Firstly, buying a Superpack is the only way to purchase the special limited edition bonus item. It is never for sale on its own in the Mall. Secondly, buying an entire pack gives you four or seven items that are coordinated to go together, so it can take a lot of the guesswork out of dressing your pet. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you like all or most of the items in a Pack, buying them bundled together would save you money compared to buying them individually. Let's take a look to see how a Superpack and Mini-Pack stack up price-wise to buying the same items individually from the Mall.

The Altadorian Warrior Mini Pack (pictured above) contains four items: Altadorian Warrior Plate Shirt (150 NC), Altadorian Warrior Plate Greaves (150 NC), Altadorian Warrior Background (200 NC) and Altadorian Warrior Helmet (150 NC). To buy all four items separately would have cost a total of 650 NC. However, the cost of the Mini-Pack was only 550 NC. In this case, buying the pack would have saved you 100 NC, provided you want all the items.

Superpacks offers yet another deal. The six regular items this Woodland Archer Superpack contains would have cost 825 NC to buy on their own. The whole Superpack costs 750 NC. In addition to saving 75 NC buying all the items, you're also getting the shoes, a limited edition item that cannot be bought anywhere else. As shoes sell for anywhere from 100-150 NC, you're saving that much more, as you're basically getting the bonus item for free.


Whereas Packs can be a great deal, compared to buying the items regularly in the Mall, you have to weigh the cost against the benefit to you. If you only like one or two of the items from a Pack, it may be worth buying them as individual items instead. However, if you only like a couple of the items, but like to partake in trading, you may find benefit in buying the whole pack and trading/giving away the items that don't interest you. Hopefully this article has given you some valuable information to assist in your NC Mall buying decisions!

Written by stream27
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