Shenanigifts is a new event that is all the rage in Neopia. To participate, users can pick up party invitations from the NC Mall. The invitations can be bought in packs of 1, 5 or 10. Each party will have a different theme of prizes. Once you activate your invitation in your inventory, you can head on over to one of the parties.

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When you arrive, you'll be greeted by Elephantes who each hold a gift. You begin by choosing one Elephante to present you with a gift. You can choose to either accept it, at which point the item will be added to your inventory and the game will end, or choose a different Elephante to exchange gifts with. If you choose to exchange, the next Elephante will present you with their gift and again, you can choose to accept it or pick a different Elephante. You can change Elephantes up to 3 times in a single game. Once you have chosen to change Elephantes, you cannot go back to a previous one to choose their gift, unless you're using the Second Look Power-Up, so think carefully before you turn down a present!

Each party also has the chance of awarding a special limited edition bonus item along with your regular prize. So what are you waiting for? Party on!


There are three different power-ups that you can purchase for the game. All three are stackable, meaning you can use one, two or all three together at once! Here's what each of them does:

2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up
Each Elephante will have two gifts at the party. You will get both from the Elephante you choose.

Extra Chance Shenanigifts Power-Up
Allows you to choose an extra Elephante once you've used up your regular three choices. If used together other power-ups, this one MUST be applied first!

Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up
After choosing your last Elephante (third, or fourth when used with the Extra Chance Power-Up), you can choose to go back to any of the other Elephantes and pick their gift.

Current Prizes

Glow In The Dark Party
(May 25, 2018)

Masquerade Party
(January 30, 2018)

Fireworks Party
(August 25, 2017)

Retired Prizes

Luau Party
(August 4, 2016 - May 23, 2018)

Garden Party
(September 4, 2015 - January 30, 2018)

Lunar Festival Party
(February 17, 2015 - August 25, 2017)

Caroling Party
(December 4, 2014 - August 3, 2016)

Autumn Harvest Party
(September 15, 2014 - September 4, 2015)

Petpetpet Party
(July 11, 2014 - February 17, 2015)

Lace and Linen Party
(May 14, 2014 - December 4, 2014)

Tea Party
(March 13, 2014 - September 15, 2014)

Silver and Blue Party
(December 17, 2013 - July 11, 2014)

Costume Party
(September 27, 2013 - May 14, 2014)

Flower Party
(July 5, 2013 - March 13, 2014)

Black and White Party
(June 25, 2013 - December 17, 2013)

Watermelon Party
(June 25, 2013 - September 27, 2013)


Invitation Release Date
Holiday Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
Holiday Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
This Invitation was a free prize awarded on December 18, 2013 from the Advent Calendar.
Icy Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
Icy Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
This Invitation was a free prize awarded on December 19, 2016 from the Advent Calendar.
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