Enchanted Planetarium

Reslen’s Enchanted Planetarium is the NC component of the 2013 Games Master Challenge and will run from November 25-December 2 11:59:59 pm NST. In the spirit of Team Sun and Team Moon, users can purchase tickets from the NC Mall, activate the ticket in their inventory, and choose to visit either the Day or Night room of the Planetarium to receive an exclusive NC prize.

Each ticket grants entry to one room, so if you wish to visit the Day and Night rooms, you will need to purchase two tickets. Additionally, each room can only be visited once. That means that once you have visited the Day room on a specific day, you will be unable to enter it again for another prize, though you will still be able to enter the Night room for that day once as well. This means there is a maximum of 2 prizes per day (one from the Day room, one from the Night room) per day per account.

You may participate in this event on side accounts, as it awards no neopoint items, and rooms do not have to be entered on the day of release. You may enter any previously released rooms any time during the event, as long as you haven't already claimed a prize from it yet. If you claim prizes from all the Day rooms or all the Night rooms, you will receive a special bonus prize at the end of the event!


DateDay RoomNight Room
November 25
Sunbeam Capelet

Starry Layered Collar Shirt
November 26
Sunshine Wig

Night Vision Contact
November 27
Miniature Sun Lantern

Glowing Ona Handheld Plushie
November 28
Starry Rainbow Garland

Stunning Moon View Background
November 29
Sunny Yellow Ruffle Dress

Dazzling Midnight Wig
November 30
Sunny Day Face Paint

Nighttime Sky Garland
December 1
Sunshower Wig

Astronomical Staff
December 2
Amongst the Clouds Background

Starry Night Tights

Bonus Prize

A bonus prize was awarded to players who participated in Reslen's Planetarium. There is a bonus for the Day Room and the Night Room.

Day Room BonusNight Room Bonus

Sunny Day Wings

Moonlit Night Wings
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