Bart's Dip & Bob Apples

Neovia's very own Vandebart Biggsby is not into the Festival of Neggs, but saw an opportunity and seized it. In an effort to revamp his successful business, Bart took some tips from Naia, possibly some water from the Rainbow Fountain too, in order to attract customers. In the NC Mall, Bart is selling tickets to allow Neopians to bob for special apples to earn exclusive NC prizes. Do you dare to tell Bart, he has neggs and not apples in his bobbing barrel? Visit Bart's Dip & Bob Apples stall today!

How It Works

Neopians who wish to participate in Bart's event will need to purchase special tickets. These tickets can be purchased from the NC Mall or from the event page. Make sure you purchase the correct ticket for the apple you wish to dye. There are three different apples that will be made available throughout the event. This first one is Springtime Neovia Apple, followed by Apple Apple and Paintbrush Apple. There is also a bundle kit available for purchase. Please refer to the chart below so you know what each item from the mall does. After purchasing your kit, be sure to activate it from your Inventory. Each apple is able to be dyed 5 times and will have a bonus prize for completing the apple.

Bart's Dip & Bob Apples will run from April 19th, 2022 until May 11th, 2022. However, you will have until next year to use your tickets for this event.

Negg Kit Instructions
This ticket will allow you to dye an apple of your choosing only once. By using this ticket, you will not be eligible for the bonus prize for that apple.
This ticket will allow you to fully dye the Springtime Neovia Apple.
This ticket will allow you to fully dye the Apple Apple.
This ticket will allow you to fully dye the Paintbrush Apple.
This ticket pack will allow you to fully dye all three of Bart's apples.

The Prizes

Each apple will have 5 prizes available. If you fully dye the apple, you will receive a special bonus item for that apple at the end of the event.

Springtime Neovia Apple Prizes

Apple Apple Prizes

Paintbrush Apple Prizes

Bonus Prizes

For participating in Bart's Dip & Bob Apples, Neopians who completely dyed all three apples received two additional bonus items.

Written by Mouseykins
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