Mechanical Neggs '20

In addition to helping Kari restock her negg cart, you may also come across special Mechanical Neggs when out hunting. You'll need to solve the clues given by Kari each day and select a negg she's offering to receive your special Mechanical Negg. What are you waiting for? Let's go negg hunting!

How It Works

On the same page the negg stash is found, kari will give you a choice of three neggs. Select the one you'd like, and you'll receive your Neopoint prize and the Mechanical Negg. To learn what Kari's clue is and where to find the stashes, check out our main Festival of Neggs '20 page.

Once you've chosen your negg and received the Mechanical Negg, head on over to the NC Mall to purchase a Neggbot Tinker Kit for 600NC. Each type of mechanical negg will require its own Neggbot Tinker Kit.

Now bring your Mechanical Negg and Neggbot Tinker Kit to the Mechanical Neggs event page. You will then be given your NC item once you fix the negg. Each kit can be used to fill up to five neggs. A new Mechanical Negg will only be released every 5 days!

When a stash has been found, it will look like the following picture.

Once you've chosen which negg you'd like to open, you'll be presented with the Mechanical Negg.

Mechanical Neggs and Prizes

Because there is a pool of 5 prizes for each Mechanical Negg, they can all be filled up to 5 times to get each of the items in the pool, meaning, you won't get duplicates.

Date Prize Pool
April 9 - April 13

Spyder Mechanical Negg

Location: Grumpy Old King
Neggbot Tinker Kit:

Spyder Neggbot Tinker Kit
Date Prize Pool
April 14 - April 18

Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg

Location: Jhudora's Bluff
Neggbot Tinker Kit:

Sound the Alarm Neggbot Tinker Kit
Date Prize Pool
April 19 - April 23

Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg

Location: Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Neggbot Tinker Kit:

Rainbow Ray Neggbot Tinker Kit

Bonus Prizes

For completing the event by opening all three Mechanical Neggs five times each, participants were awarded two additional bonus items.

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