Free NeoCash

Current Releases

Yes, that's right I said Free NeoCash!
Every once in a while TNT will release a site event that allows you to get some free NeoCash. The amount is small, but every little bit helps. When an opportunity to get free NeoCash comes up we will post it on our news feed.

Another way to obtain free NeoCash is through the Qasalan Expellibox. The Qasalan Expellibox is a daily game that allows players to help the people of Qasala get rid of those pesky scarabs. You have the chance of winning 150NC free if you land on the jackpot icon. For additional information on the Qasalan Expellibox please view our guide.

Past Releases

In the early years of the NC Mall TNT would release free NeoCash during special site events for players to claim. These events included the Advent Calendar and Daily Dare. TNT discontinued giving out free NeoCash during site events as of 2009. Also upon joining Neopets you were given 150NC free. As of April 2009 this was changed as well.

Date Prize
August 2007 to April 2009
Joining Neopets ~ 150NC
April 2008
NeoCash Giveaway ~ 150NC
December 19, 2008
Advent Calendar ~ 50NC
April 2009
Daily Dare Participation ~ 50NC
April 2009
Daily Dare Spifftastic and Megasuperb ~ 100NC
April 2009
Daily Dare Uberiffic, Ultimate and Scoretacular ~ 150NC
April 8, 2009
Spring Time Celebration ~ 50NC
October 2009
Halloween ~ 150NC
April 2010
Daily Dare ~ 25NC to 200NC
July 2010
Style Showdown ~ 150NC
May 2012
Altador Cup Signups ~ 100NC
November 2012
Games Master Challenge Signups ~ 100NC
May 2013
Altador Cup Signups ~ 150NC
October 2014
Welcome Back ~ 150NC
December 2014
Charity Corner ~ 150NC to 1000NC
October 2015
Charity Corner ~ 150NC to 250NC
Written by Mouseykins
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