Fivetastic Birthday

The Fivetastic Birthday event is an all-new NC Mall event to celebrate the NC Mall's fifth birthday! The event runs from July 10 to July 31, 2012. Participants purchase sparklers in packs of 1, 5, 10, or 22 and redeem them to light one of the candles on the huge NC Mall birthday cake.

You can choose to light as many or as few candles as you wish. You do not have to light a candle on the day that the prize is released, so you can wait to see if you like a particular day's prize before spending a sparkler to light a candle. However, there is a special bonus prize for people who light all 22 candles.

The Daily Prizes

July 10July 11July 12July 13

Oversized Birthday Shield

Dessert Party Background

Lovely Rose Cardigan

Pink Frosting Wig
July 14July 15July 16July 17

Birthday Ribbon Shoes

Cupcake String Lights

5th Birthday Gift Box

Birthday Cupcake Apron

Birthday Polka Dot Dress
July 18July 19July 20July 21

Dazzling Ice Cream Castle

Topsy Turvy Cake Hat

Cupcake Clip Wig

Rock Candy Staff
July 22July 23July 24July 25

Hand Carved Candle Wings

Waffle Cone Skirt

Kaleidoscope Contacts

Balloon Face Paint

5th Birthday Gift Box
July 26July 27July 28July 29

Birthday Candle Pillars

Malevolent Sentient Birthday Poogle Handheld Plushie

Ribbon Masquerade Mask

Magical Balloon Background
July 30July 31Bonus

Cupcake Wand

Sparkly Purple Tuxedo Top with White Shirt Underneath

Candy Gate
Written by Mouseykins
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