Haunted Mansion '21

This year, instead of getting up to the usual Haunted Hijinks, we all have to be a little bit braver and try to spend the night in a Haunted Mansion. From October 16th through October 31st, users can purchase Creepy Candle packs consisting of either 1, 5, or 16 candles from the NC Mall. Once you've activated your pack, you can head on over to the Haunted Mansion Game page and use your candle to explore a room of your choice. Each day, a different prize will be awarded for exploring that day's room. Exploring rooms for 4, 8, or all 16 days will also earn you bonus prizes!

On every day the event is active, you can open one room from the current day, or any of the previous days that you haven't yet opened. Windows ready to be opened will have a glow around them. Below are the days that correspond to each prize:

Each room can only be opened once per account and like other NC events, you can participate in the Haunted Mansion on side accounts. Once a room has been opened, you'll notice the light inside the room stays on.

The Prizes


You can also be awarded additional prizes for opening multiple rooms during the event. For opening any 4, 8, and 16 rooms during the event, you will receive an additional bonus prize for a total of 3 extra items if you open all the rooms! Check back to see the bonuses.

For Opening 4 Rooms For Opening 8 Rooms For Opening 16 Rooms
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