NC Mall Grams

Did you ever have those fun fundraisers in school which would let you send candy grams to your secret crushes and friends? You would pay your dollar, and someone from the Student Council would give you a piece of paper to write down who it was for, who it was from, and a special message. Then, you would pick the kind of candy to send with it - maybe some chocolate kisses or a lollypop. You would then wait with growing excitement for them to be delivered to your class the next day to see the surprised expression on your friend's face and hope that someone was kind enough to send you one too.

NC Mall Grams are quite similar to those little tokens of affection. They look like little scrolls of paper, fastened shut, ready to be unwrapped to reveal the surprise inside. Available only for a limited time, NC Mall Grams usually make an appearance in the NC Mall around special holidays, most notably Valentine's Day. Sweetheart Grams are released annually in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. NC Mall Grams have also been known to be released for other special occasions, as well.

NC Mall Grams are like gift boxes that come with an exclusive gift inside, available only through that gram. Each gram has a selection of 4 or 5 wearable items to pick from when sending it. Sometimes a gram will contain more items. If you are really lucky, you might also have the option of selecting a special, limited edition gift, instead of one of the regular exclusive gifts!

Buying and Using Grams

NC Mall grams are not always available. They are only released for a short time - maybe two or three weeks - around certain special occasions. When they are available, simply go to the NC Mall and add them to your cart. The only decision you need to make when buying NC Mall Grams is how many you wish to buy. You don't have to worry about how many Gift Boxes you have because you don't need Gift Boxes to send grams. This makes them popular among people without access to NeoCash Cards or Nickelodeon Game Cards.

Once you have purchased your NC Mall Gram, go to your Inventory, and click on the gram you wish to send. You can then choose from which item you would like to send from the list of exclusive items. If you are really lucky, the limited edition item will appear in the list of items to choose from, and you may select it instead of selecting one of the other exclusive items. The exclusive items are only available from that specific type of NC Mall Gram. NC Mall Grams can only be used to send the special, exclusive items, and cannot be used in lieu of Gift Boxes to gift other items from your inventory.

Once you have selected which item you wish to send with your gram, you will be asked to choose the recipient of your gift. Choose one of your VIP Neofriends from the dropdown list or type in the user name of the person you wish to send it to. You can even choose to send it your main account or any of your side accounts. You can also choose one of the pre-generated personalized messages to go with your gift. After clicking "Submit," you will be asked to enter your password - and your PIN, if you use one - for your security.

Once your gift is sent, the recipient will have 48 hours to accept or reject your gift. If the gift is not accepted within that time, it will be returned to your inventory, so that you can resend it or send it to another, more grateful friend.

Community Challenge

Often, when TNT releases NC Mall Grams, they will hold a Community Challenge Event. TNT will set a goal for the number of NC Mall Grams they hope to sell during the event. The event begins as soon as the gram is first available in the NC Mall, and it lasts until the gram retires. If the goal is reached, everyone who sends a gram, during the event, will receive a special bonus item for each type of gram purchased. You can view the progress made in the community challenge by visiting the NC Mall.

NC Mall Grams and Items

Current Grams

Bittersweet Chocolatier Sweetheart Gram (February 2, 2024 - February 29, 2024)

Bittersweet Chocolatier Sweetheart Gram

Retired Grams

Due to the volume of grams that have been released, our retired grams section has been divided into the following guides. The specialty colors section includes grams released for Baby, Maraquan, and Mutant pets.

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