Lulu's Games Master Challenge '18

The annual Games Master Challenge is back, and so is Lulu! Throughout the week of challenges, players can purchase a special ticket from the NC Mall to access a special set of challenges to win exclusive NC wearables! The ticket costs 700 NC, and can be used for the entire week of the event! Because you have to play and submit game scores for the challenges, you may not participate in the NC portion of the event on your side accounts.

Make sure to complete the challenges after activating your ticket, or they won't count and you'll have to do them again after activating the ticket.


November 23 November 24 November 25

Complete all of the Day 1 regular challenges.

Snowy Jungle Shirt

Complete all of the Day 2 regular challenges.

Biscuit Banquet

Complete all of the Day 3 regular challenges.

Lights of the Night
November 26 November 27 November 28

Complete all of the Day 4 regular challenges.

Chop Prop

Complete all of the Day 5 regular challenges.

Fanged Mutant Veil

Complete all of the Day 6 regular challenges.

Cloud Runners
November 29 Bonus Prizes

Complete all of the Day 7 regular challenges.

Bubbling Up

Bonus prizes were awarded for completing all 7 days.

Written by Mouseykins
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