Desert Diplomacy

Princess Amira was robbed by thieves in her palace, and her distinguished visitors' possessions were taken! The Princess is offering an award for finding her guest's belongings. The Hieroglyphic Dictionary can help you decipher a Parchment Piece in this event. This item can be found in the NC Mall for 125 NC.

How to play

You will need to purchase one Hieroglyphic Dictionary for each Parchment Piece you find from clues in the Desert Diplomacy. Once the parchment piece is in your inventory along with the dictionary, select "Study Sign of Life Parchment Piece". You will then be awarded a random exclusive NC item. When found, the Parchment Pieces will appear in your regular Neopoint Inventory.

Additional Information

The Hieroglyphic Dictionary and collection of parchment pieces are only for your main account. You will not be able to read a Parchment piece until you purchase or are gifted a Hieroglyphic Dictionary from the NC Mall. You will always be able to use your dictionary as long as you have a parchment piece in your inventory. The parchment pieces can only be acquired during the event, and the book will only be available until August 24, 2014.

Participants who decipher every Parchment Piece they find with the Hieroglyphic Dictionary will receive each exclusive NC item. Participants can only receive each prize once, and you will receive all of the prizes. An exclusive NC bonus prize was awarded for those that deciphered all 14 parchment pieces.

Exclusive Prizes

Sign of Life Parchment Prizes

Dual Reed Parchment Prizes

Watchful Horus Parchment Prizes

Written by Mouseykins
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